A meeting of the Strategy Group, at which ideas are discussed and voted by f 1, both the and both top teams, will likely be held next Tuesday at London.

This will be followed by a meeting of their f 1 commission, where votes are undertaken between all stakeholders.

president Jean Todt has indicated that progress has been made on 2021, also said that will soon be evident in the encounters.

“” We want clarity, because there is a good deal of conversation going on,” said Steiner when asked by Motorsport.com. “” I presume now Chase [Carey, f 1 CEO] is preparing to present something for us, also let’s observe what he gifts, and go from there.

“I don’t even know very well what is within. We all talk between one another ’s backs, so that I don’t even know in the long run that which f-1 comes up with. ”

Asked when the wait for hard information, considering the fact that teams need to know what rules they’ll encounter under, was bothersome, he explained: “” I really don’t know if’bothersome’ is the ideal word.

“We need to reach the point whereby we know very well what is going to happen in the future, othere we cannot run our organization.

“You cannot begin to build up in case you have no technical regulations. For people every thing starts atleast a year or 18 weeks early. Now we are only 21 months off from this season.

“therefore you haven’t even got a lot of time . I presume they realise that, and that’s why they’ve said, ‘” We need to come out with some thing’. ’

“However there certainly are a good deal of things, the government, the funding limit, regulations. If we get it done in one meeting, advantageous to all of us. Yeah, excellent luck. ”

It’s not a done deal.

“Nothing is a done deal. No package. Hopefully we get some thing on March 26. ”

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