By Sean Jones: heavy-weight Malik Scott published a video of himself and former //WBC middle weight champion Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin (38-1-1, 3-4 KO) examining their potency Big Bear, , and it had been clear that Triple G’d the higher power. Golovkin is appearing return to the ring June 1 June 8 at his very first fight of his contract using . Both fighters are rated by the World Association, and certainly can be good rivals for GGG to get the rust out to prepare for a trilogy fight against Saul Canelo Alvarez in September.

Golovkin got the greater of Scott in analyzing their grip, and then moments after, went at it in the ring to get a few MMA action.

Golovkin was viewed as the winner in that fight by a legion of fans, in addition to within his first fight with Canelo in September 2017, that took place at exactly the same venue at the in Las Vegas, Nevada. The next fight was a close affair, much closer than the very first competition, which appeared to become a decisive win for GGG. The next fight might have been scored a draw or a win to get Golovkin, but the judges gave it to Canelo. These were impressed with how Canelo was walking Golovkin down much of their fight. More accurately, Canelo was walking Golovkin to the guts of this ring, and that’s where the 2 would stand and fight. Canelo was unable to back Golovkin up to the ropes, as he stood his bottom at centre ring each moment, and dished out punishment.

Despite the controversy of the two Canelo-Golovkin fights, a lot of fans are now writing GGG away, saying he’s overthehill, and not the fighter he used to be. In appearing at Golovkin’s last fight against Canelo, he appeared to be the better fighter down the stretch, while the Mexican star gassed out in the championship rounds just like he did in the first fight. Golovkin appeared to be the fighter by the conclusion, and usually the one with the higher conditioning. It had been Canelo’s venue at the T Mobile, and Canelo’s ence. Unsurprisingly, Canelo won the fight by a questionable decision. It’s the trilogy fight between Canelo and GGG, which is expected to take place after this season in September, will probably take place once more at the in Las Vegas. Without going into details, Golovkin says he learned a lot from his final fight against Canelo. What cloned G probably learned from the fight is not to let Canelo back up him at any moment in the fight. What Golovkin potentially learned from his very first fight with Canelo is perhaps never to remain on the outside and jab him to get 1 2 rounds such as Floyd Mayweather Jr. failed in beating him with a lopsided 12 round decision in 2013. The judges weren’t impressed with Golovkin doing exactly the same point to Canelo since Mayweather did. Therefore, inorder for Golovkin to be at Canelo, he’therefore definitely going to have to consider the fight to him, not back up, and also make certain he wins the rounds critical predicated on his power punching.

Former WBC welterweight champion Danny Garcia feels that Golovkin isn’t over rated.

“he ’s a good fighter. He’s not overrated,” Danny Garcia said to Fighthub about Golovkin. He could fight. GGG can fight. ”


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