Molly McCann announced that she had been through “hell and rear ” after becoming the first English woman to claim a win in the Octagon at UFC London past weekend.

Her opponent Priscila Cachoeira certainly made “Meatball” benefit its success after landing a punishing right hook which fractured the Liverpudlian’s orbital in the final round of their conflict.

Images of McCann’s ballooned eye socket moved viral in the aftermath of her historical win, and even though infantry harms can be troublesome, there’s no wiping the grin of this U.K. flyweight’s face since having her hands raised as a UFC fighter for the very first time.

“I’ve never understood degrees of social-media interaction as exactly what I’ve had since post-fight, but every one appears to fret, that will be very nice I suppose,” McCann told Eurobash.

“I had a procedure yesterday. Theyrsquo;ve secured the bone…something todo with the tear duct was somewhat split and I had lacerations on my eyelid from where it was cut, so most of that got stitched up. ”

McCann anticipates the absolute minimum of a medical suspension but underlined her will to get in and compete whenever possible, citing the eleven-month gap between her very first revival along with her sophomore appearance from the Octagon.

“That which is nice,” she explained. “I’ll probably have a three month [medical] suspension before I get the most clear. I’m going to use get straight back for…I’m thinking August. ”

“Until I have contact again [I won’t know]. I’m the type of person that in case you say it’s gonna require 1-2 weeks, ” ’m gont attempt to do it in six. Whatever they saythey say. I’ve just had 11 months outI don’t want to be outside for that long, but I believe I’ve finally got my seat at the desk together with that performance and so they ’ll care for me from now on. ”

On a former appearance on, McCann outlined her struggles with anxiety along with her attention on grappling after having a submission loss to Gillian Robertsen within her debut. Having showcased many facets of her game from London, the Next Generation fighter evaluated her overall effectiveness.

“In case you hear once I go back to the feces, I was like, ‘Do you want me to go back and take down her? ’ [My corner] said, ‘no more merely wait; simply wait around until we say go. ’ We thought I’d just keep feinting that the take down, cover the distance with a shot and then once you’re unload because I’ve got the smallest reach from the branch, so I’ve got to get it somehow. I wanted to try and pick her off but I wasn’t competent to do so because her reach has been that bigger than mineso I had to throw plenty of hooks and uppercuts when I was in range and each of them looked to land. I wanted to kick a great deal more. I wobbled her every time a kick acquired, but I wanted to follow this up with cries, but I couldn’t because she simply pinged me. There is a lot of thinking on the area,” she explained.

“I revealed that I’m an MMA fighter instead of simply a fighter who can sprawl. My adjustments on to the ground …I had the mind and arm and I thought I might obtain it, but should I didn’t have it I thought my arms were still going to become burned out and I wanted them. So I presumed Irsquo;d decide to try to work for her spine . I had a sweep and I presumed, ‘F*ck it,” I’ll decide to try for your armbar. ’ Her arm…I believed it move crack, crack, crack. ’ However I told youthis girl is a Brazilian me, so that she wasn’t heading to tap. ”

Although her durability is celebrated from the U.K., McCann acknowledged that she would take a very different mood had she had to spend as much time in the hospital without even coming away from the 02 Stadium with a win.

“I was in the hospital with my mother and my coaches yesterday and someone text me ‘Envision if you’d missed and you had been sitting in your hospital,’ and I simply presumed, ‘hello my god. ’”

“I’m cloud eight,” she added.


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