Tottenham Ladies defender Renee Hector has been”victimised” since reporting racial abuse contrary to her January, says Kick Out’s Troy Townsend.

Sheffield United forward Sophie Jones has been banned for five games on Wednesday after being found guilty of the offence during an Championship match.

Hector maintained she”received some monkey noises” from a competition.

“yesterday she received an image of a fighter on her behalf societal websites accounts,” Townsend told BBC Radio 4.

“Sometimes I don’t believe we appreciate the wellbeing of a person who’s done a brave thing.”

Jones, 27, whose Blades deal has been terminated by mutual consent, has said she is”not liable” and the”hearing occurred in a kangaroo court”.

She has already been fined £200, must attend an educational course and indicated in an announcement her football career has ended entirely after a verdict.

After Jones’ punishment has been announced, Hector said on Twitter:”There isn’t any place for racism in our own game. A zero-tolerance policy is imperative in preventing this out from football therefore I welcome that this particular verdict.

“no one ought to be exposed to racist abuse or off the pitch and that I felt a responsibility to call it out to what it had been .”

Speaking on The Today Programme,” Townsend, equality campaign group Kick It Out’s education director, said:”If you’re a victim you’re victimised again because you do talk out.

“Renee has been victimised relating to this since she spoke out about it on social networking .”

The Football Association create an independent board to hear from both sides, with the charge of using violent or insulting words that contained refer to cultural origin and/or colour and/or race – found proven.

“The written reasons from the case will be released in due course, that’ll provide a thorough account of the evidence given and the findings of the commission.”


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