After the overdue arrival of its new FW42 led to a disrupted pre season programme,” was rigorously continue in the pecking order all through each one the season-opening .

Russell trailed Kubica in first practice but had been ahead in most session then, going on to finish a lap upon the driver, who had busted his leg at the beginning.

“Obviously I’m not disappointed to came from top, but at the end of your day I’m not thinking about fighting him [Kubica] for the past.

“We need to interact to create this particular right.

“Personally I can take a bit of satisfaction from this particular weekend. [Saturday] was a really terrific day for me, I left the circuit with my head high and [in the race] we knew what we were in for.

“And of course it wasn’t a good fight with Robert; he even had a bit of damage at the beginning.

“Therefore for us it had been merely bring the vehicle home and only know as much as we can. ”

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Russell took the chequered flag in 16th put on his F1 debut, two laps on race champion .

But a two-stop strategy did me an that the Briton found himself pursuing a set of mid-field cars inside the long run, but they’d been a lap ahead.

“So which has been pretty nice actually, merely to be so close and understand how much downforce we’re losing once we’re there.

“We can nearly say these are clinic sessions for if we have the pace [in the future]. ”

Team manager Claire praised her drivers’ efforts in Melbourne.

“I’m content with these two.

“We knew that it was going to be rough, we knew that we will beat the trunk. However, like I said to this team, individuals are still watching usit’s important that we come out and do the very best job that we possibly can.

“We have two cars home, and we did great pitstops, and we did good strategy calls, and this ’s we all can ask for at the present time.

“the most significant things is that we have lots of learning of itthere’SA great deal of advice now that people may go and analyse to create developments. ”

Additional reporting by Edd Straw


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