Preece scored the first of his 2-2 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour wins the early half mile at 2008 and also he returns looking for his first Cup Series success as a rookie driving for JTG Daugherty Racing.

Preece thinks his experience competing on a short track will help him regardless of at which the track is situated.

“I’d say just approach it just like some other short track I’ve ever been to have the ability to attack the corner, make it turned as quickly as you possibly can,” said Preece. “I’m good about our chances believing JTG using Martinsville, probably one of the best race trails that they go to. Definitely excited about going. ”

Definitely short tracks such as Martinsville, Bristol, New Hampshire, people are kind of in my own wheelhouse,” said Preece. “It’s something I have been doing for a very long time. If it has to do with the restarts and all those minutes of being aggressive, it’s some thing that I love doing.

“Up to what I expect, I hope that people have to show really well and be running top 10 and get a top five at the close of the weekend. ”

Martinsville is known as a handling track that can be hard on equipment and Preece feels that his experience will help him get comfortable.

“Well, it’s what nearly all of people who come throughout the ranks grow doing, heavy braking, getting the car turned, having the ability to drive off the corner, pick the markup as quick as possible,” said Preece. “It’s a thing that I am used to doing.

“All these mile‑and‑a‑half, it’s just another package where you are on the throttle so much, it’s kind of outside the character of everything I am used to doing. Kind of going to a place like Martinsville, and I’d say even the upcoming few races, it’s definitely going to be quite comfortable to what my desktop is.

“It gets me very optimistic. ”

“It’s a half mile race track,” he also said. “It’s definitely going to look like some other short track round the United States, to be honest with you personally. There is races at which I am at a modified plus it has 450 or 500 horsepower plus we have great racing. I believe having the ability to visit a short track, where everything is just that much skinnier, it’s going to make for great racing.

“I really don’t anticipate any different. We can all just look at the racing or approach the weekend as if it’s just any other race, maybe not kind of attention on another package. ”

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