If fans want to know the announcement live for that following battle of prior //WBO winner Fury (27-0-1, 19 KOs), they could tune in and hear it go on .

It’s innovative of Top Rank boss with all the news of Fury’s next battle being declared during the Pulev-Dinu broadcast on , because ’ll get a couple more fans interested in watching the card in order to know about Fury’s next fight. With that said,” Fury isn’t a favorite fighter at the U.S, therefore that it ’s definitely not going to interest the masses to desire to observe the aging 37-year-old Pulev (26-1, 13 KOs) fight a man which has been pumped out from the 4th round in his final fight in Bogdan Dinu (18-1, 13 KOs) so that they can find out who Fury is fighting next on June 1-5. Exactly why Pulev was matched facing Dinu rather than contender that is succeeding with their careers remains cloudy. It’s maybe not compelling television seeing this mismatch.

Here are the options to get Fury’s next battle on

Tom Schwarz

Zhilei Zhang

Oscar Rivas

Bryant Jennings

Of the four, both Jennings and Rivas need to be regarded because the two which the ultimate pick will be made to Fury’s fight. Those are Top Rank fighters.

Top Rank is looking to establish Fury’s name upward at the United States before they attempt to match him against heavy weight champions or even . Fury recently signed a large contract with Top Rank, that is thought to be $100 million. It’SA lot of money to be paid for a fighter which the casual American fans haven’t been aware of. Fury’s fighting style isn’t one which many U.S fans can enjoy watching. Fury is coming out of a 12 round draw against WBC heavyweight winner Wilder from past December. Fury was lucky the fight wasn’t stopped from the 12th round when he had been pumped down to the 2nd time from the fight.

“Just talked to who asked me to spread the word which the fight date and competition will be announced Saturday to the card from the Orange County Hangar headlined by Pulev.


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