Arum called Mikey a “Mutt” centered upon the effort he placed against Spence, based to Coppinger. It did turn to some fans like Mikey wasn’t even eager to really go out the way he needed to get him to have had a much better prospect of winning. In other words, Mikey wasn’t even eager to really go out on his defense if need be in order to secure the struggle. He fought like he was just trying to live for 12 rounds without getting knocked out.

Despite the fact that Mikey lost to a bigger fighter in 5’9 1/2″ Spence, he still took a hit concerning popularity. It’s less awful losing to Spence obviously as it is to someone from his own division like Lomachenko, but it still wasn’t even a great thing that he was easily beaten.

This was this kind of terrible loss by Mikey (39-1, 30 KOs) that it likely could have drained a lot of the attention that there could have been at an Lomachenko vs. Garcia had it occurred before Mikey’s no loss to Spence. Still, in spite of the reduction of Spence, Mikey is arguably a far more popular fighter in the opinion of this U.S fans than Lomachenko. Had Spence fought Lomachenko past Saturday night instead of Garcia, it’s unlikely there would have been as much attention from the struggle with the casual fans because there was with the Spence-Garcia struggle. Mikey’s punch resistance was the one thing that stood out for him personally. Mikey took some significant shots from Spence, also he was never hurt. He’d seem like he was wilting in the ninth round when Spence started putting it , but for himthat has been not the sole round at which he was under a constant bombardment.

Mikey remains very popular compared to Lomachenko. It’s probably correct on Arum’s O the Lomachenko vs. Garcia struggle has lost a lot of the value that it could have experienced if Mikey wasn’t defeated, however it’s still going to be quite a very good fight if it happens. It would be better though Mikey got a couple of good wins under his belt until he chooses the struggle with Lomachenko. Right now wouldn’t be considered a fantastic time for Mikey and then Lomachenko to fight eachother.

Garcia, 31, revealed no number with his punches against Spence, throwing the exact old left-right blends the entire fight. Garcia’s punch output signal was pathetic, as he was BADLY outworked by Spence, who pulled 1,083 punches in the struggle. Garcia landed just 75 shots in the entire fight. The low join rate for Garcia wasn’t because he was lost all evening. This was because of him not letting his hands go in the way he had for him to possess a shot at winning.

Arum didn’t even say that he’s not interested in setting the Lomachenko vs. Garcia struggle together. Clearly, that’s still a feasible solution to get Lomachenko, as long as Mikey holds the WBC lightweight buckle. Lomachenko would like to catch Garcia’so belt that he can unify the division. Lomachenko will more than probably be fighting lightweight champion Richard Commey that summer after he defends his titles against Anthony Crolla. If Lomachenko defeats Commey, he’ll hold three of those four names [, and WBO] in lightweight. The single belt that Lomachenko would want to acquire to function as unified lightweight champion would be the World Council strap held by Mikey, who’s expected to move back down to light or lightweight welterweight.

Lomachenko (121, 9 KOs) is going to be fighting next month in safeguarding his /WBO lightweight names against former 135 pound winner Anthony Crolla (34-6-3, 13 KOs) on April 1-2 on at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, .


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