The hearing occurred on Friday at the FIM’s headquarters in Mies, Switzerland, together with event beginning at 11am and wrap up soon before 6pm.

An verdict on if Andrea Dovizioso will keep his success is likely to emerge next Monday or Tuesday, before the start of track activity in Argentina.

Ducati was symbolized by the standard director gi-gi Dall’Igna and technical organizer Fabiano Sterlacchini, who had originally made the group case facing the Qatar stewards.

and KTM all had an attorney present, while Aprilia and Suzuki shared .

Aldridge himself was likee understood to be present via Skype link up.

While the final results of the case remains unclear, the feeling among those present is that Aldridge’s caution – circulated among most teams on March two, after the ending of pre-season testing – which makes it difficult to prove Ducati’s winglet goes from the regulations.

It remains likely nevertheless that the regulations will likely be changed in the not too distant future to limit or eradicate this type of aerodynamic improvement.

Rivola explained this week that the objective of the allure was to strip Dovizioso of his Qatar win, merely to set the legality of the winglet and also a new law to govern this area.

Nevertheless, that the fact that the apparatus was permitted on the grounds of cooling the back tyre may open the door for similar bits to be deemed legal, even if they also generate downforce, that is technically banned by the guidelines as they’re written.


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