Williams driver Robert Kubica, that was last on the grid in Melbourne, also ’s who opened 17th, both revealed after the race that their vision of these lights was blocked by the vehicle infront.

“The rear wing of this [of ] was concealing it, so that I could observe the first obstruct [of lights] and not the others. I had to proceed to the abandoned – plus it was a small panic minute”

Gasly included:”Together with the brand new bigger rear wings, ” I couldn’t see the lights on the grid so I had to react with the cars and that I lost a handful places.”

The discovered in regards to the drivers’ complaints after the Melbourne race, also has conducted a study to why the situation occurred.

Its end is that as opposed to it being a oneoff, the problem has surfaced as an accidental result of the newest larger rear wings that this year.

For 2019, as a portion of the aerodynamic principle changes aimed at helping improve overtaking, the rear wings have been made wider by 100mm.

Furthermore, the wings are somewhat 70 mm taller, which has been partly iuenced by a push to lift the rear wing end plates from obstructing what drivers can visit within their rear view mirrors.

The wider and taller wing is enough for this to encroach on the line of sight between drivers at the back of the grid and also the beginning lights.

Together with the lights using a normal height in all F1 races, there is a strong likelihood that the visibility problem could come up again.

It’s understood that the is currently working with the f 1 Group on a durable solution that may take place from the following race in Bahrain.

One possible answer is to have an excess pair of repeater lights situated halfway down the grid so it is observable to the cars at the back.

F1 did have this type of repeater lights in 2009 when the problem past came up, but these were removed after the new lower wings from 2017 supposed they were no longer vital.

This past year, the repeater lights were installed low down at the front of the grid to make certain that drivers might still see lights in case their opinion of the principal gantry was blocked by the halo. All these have remained in place for this season (see below).

Start Lights

Start Lights


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