Alex McLeish was”disappointed” by his players in the Euro 2020 eligibility defeat in , former Scotland midfielder Charlie Adam states.

The national team’s launching 3-0 loss to the side ranked 117 from the world has piled pressure on brain coach McLeish.

But ex-Rangers player Adam was amazed by the lack of leadership on this pitch.

“They capitulated too easily,” Adam told BBC Radio 5 Live. “It’s an inexperienced group and that I did not see anybody pulling each other together”

He added:”You lose two goals fast and need to regroup. You want to have leaders”

Qualification already looks beyond the Scots after such a poor start, but Adam says McLeish needs to be given time to try to salvage the effort.

“I don’t think it’s a sacking offence for McLeish,” Adam explained. “He did his job from getting Scotland to the Nations League play-off.

“There’s a reason these type of nights happen and it turned out down to players never imposing themselves over the opposition.

“I enjoy Alex like a boss and person and the players let him down. They have to have a look in themselves”

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  • Even the Scots face San Marino off on Sunday along with left back Kieran Tierney is unlikely to become fit to go back from the hip injury.

    The absence of Tierney and forced McLeish to utilize Aberdeen midfielder Graeme Shinnie in left back in and he had been badly exposed in a makeshift defence.

    “There has got be a overhaul of this product quality of player in the group,” Adam explained. “There must be better players on the market than a few of those guys.

    “International degree is a measure upward and you also saw the two defenders [Shinnie and Aberdeen team-mate ]. They play in the identical team but left basic mistakes and so were penalized “

    Former Scotland captain Darren Fletcher has questioned the commitment of those players who vanished from the group due of their Astana Arena’s plastic throw.

    McLeish’s choices were shrunk by several call-offs, including Bournemouth winger Ryan Fraser and Cardiff City attacker Callum Paterson, who have been both excused from obligation on the artificial surface.

    “Maybe if you’re being asked to play on it every week, however this was a one-off game for the country and I would like to have seen these players create themselves available.

    “It’s probably clubs getting involved. There is a good deal of money associated with players getting injured.

    “But players ought to be desperate to represent their nation. We need to qualify and we all want our best players to the pitch in any respect moments.”

    ‘McLeish deserves chance to qualify’ – analysis

    Former Scotland shield Willie Miller on Sportsound

    I do not think Alex McLeish can search for excuses. The director’s job is to find the players he picks to do and so they did not perform.

    Fundamentally, the responsibility lies . But I don’t see a pile of evidence that Alex is not capable of carrying us it’s more of a molehill.

    He deserves the opportunity to qualify next March by defeating Finland and another team of this ilk in the Nations League play-off. He got us there. It’s not reasonable to call for the manager’s head after one game.

    Right away, I had been drawn to Alex’s decisions . You require structure, a lynch pin, someone who is going to run drama, also that I believed that in that midfield three there was no natural anchor. All three players are alike, proficient at breaking forwards.

    Scott McTominay could have played, or Graeme Shinnie could have been that man. Questions will be asked about certain players and you also need to check at the boys who refused to play on the artificial surface.

    #ecksit – exactly what the fans said

    Hashagdo: Ecksit signifies Ecksit

    Andy Slav: How Can we start an internet petition for #ecksit?

    Gav Milne: believe all of Scotland would beg leave for this.

    Please, make it stop.

    Hells Warrrior: It’s not even embarrassing as it’s expected.


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