LEXINGTON, Ky. — Kentucky Wildcats pass rusher Josh Allen, that chased a lot of quarterbacks in the fall, may perhaps not be able to close the gap on Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray — widely estimated as the top choice in the next month’s draft. But Allen still thinks he is the”best overall player”

“You can just watch the film, watch the matches,” Allen told on Friday at the Kentucky pro day. “In case you’re speaking about stats, I am hoping I finished 2nd in the nation in sacks, playing in the SEC, which doesn’t throw the ball just as much as some other conferences.

“I’m physiological. I played with the entire season. I played with every game. I’m healthy. I just think I’m the very ideal edge rusher, the best pass rusher, the very best overall player in this draft”

Allen decided not to work out at the institution’s pro day, opting to stand on his own scouting combine work out. He told he expects the appeared to be about his list of pre-draft stops.

Allen, who recorded 17 sacks in his senior season, is known as a likely top-5 choice. Even the 49ers, Jets, Raiders, Bucs and Giants own the second into sixth picks, respectively.

The Kentucky pro day drew talent evaluators out of every team. 1 head trainer was in attendance, Mike Zimmer of . It’s possible that some top decision-makers decided to skip it as they knew Allen wasn’t planning to work through.

Allen, who grew up in Montclair, New Jersey, spent time chatting using Giants scouts. His family’s home is about 15 miles away from the two facilities.

“I’m out there and that I understand the areas, therefore that I wouldn’t have to become introduced up to” he said. “It would mean a whole great deal, being home in my old stomping grounds. I did not grow a Giants or Jets fan, however that I wouldn’t mind being a buff today.”


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