All pub of Sainz’s four seasons in F1 have been with power, and then he drove to the French manufacturer’s own team at the end of 20 17 and each one 2018.

’s insufficient advancement, specially in qualifying trim, was a crucial element in the break down of its relationship with RedBull and abandoned as its only customer for 20-19.

“I feel a step in the perfect direction,” said Sainz. “I think we are a bit behind the and engines, however it definitely feels like we’ve got something to struggle with now, finally.

“I have done four years from Formula 1, each of those four years was 10km/h down on all the straights.

“So finally, to be turning up to Melbourne and to be only 2/3km/h down maybe on the top teams, is just a very, very motivating scenario.

“They seem to have clear ideas on how to develop the engine throughout this season in order that gives some good vibes too.

“I would praise because sense because it appears like they’ve completed the step that we were needing couple of decades ago.”

Sainz retired by the n GP early with a suspected MGU-K collapse.

He had signaled it was a problem had suffered in testing that was overburdened, but has not commented on it.

Sainz’s was hopeful his fiery exit from the race proved to be a one off and said it failed to eliminate his post-qualifying positivity.

“I trust , they’ve finished steps, so hopefully we can keep pushing,” he explained after the grand prix.


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