Wigan will not attempt to carry their former superstar player Shaun Edwards to his oral agreement to rejoin as head trainer.

Wales union defence trainer Edwards, 52, was unveiled as Wigan trainer from 2020 when Adrian Lam was appointed to get its 20-19 season.

Edwards is scheduled to leave Wales following this autumn’s World Cup but says he have not finalised his next move.

Warriors chairman Ian Lenagan has spoken to Edwards, that wants additional hours to come to a decision on his future.

In a statement, Lenagan reported that they”need to clean the problem as soon as you can” but can support whatever decision the in-demand Six Nations-winning trainer reaches.

Lenagan additionally takes full responsibility for not denying earlier that Edwards’ contract had not been signed.

“Wigan’s situation is that it has an oral agreement with Shaun Edwards to become head trainer out of 20 20, cemented by a handshake and announced publicly in a media conference by both parties in August 2018,” said Lenagan,

“I have full responsibility for lost the mention of a signed contract in Wigan’s news release during the time of Shaun’s appointment.

“I have done business on many occasions on the grounds of an oral agreement over a handshake.

“Shaun and I have known eachother for a long time, have great respect for each other and share a passion for all things Wigan.

“Following the announcement of the appointment we consented never to distract Shaun, at his request, whatsoever throughout the Six Nations.

“With Wales’ solid victory in Cardiff at the weekend, it is understandable why their training team have come to be so desirable across world and Shaun is demonstrably an essential component of the.

“Instead of debating the merits and legalities of an oral or written agreement, I have had excruciating dialogue with Shaun this week to help it become clear , despite the desire for him to carry the Wigan Warriors head trainer role as consented, we would not attempt to carry Shaun to some agreement.

“Throughout our conversations, Shaun asked for more time to consider his options. I consented to his request and completely know his reasons for doing this.”

Edwards’ period in codes

It’s 18 years since Wigan-born Edwards last worked in a professional soccer league, retiring as a player in 2000 after 14 years together with Wigan.

His amazing days as a halfback comprised a range of medals and silverware, in addition to representing the uk 3-6 times.

He had been the only real Wigan player to feature in every eight of these successive Challenge Cup wins at in 1988 to 1995.

Edwards initially worked with at Wasps before after him into the Wales set up – and then again as a part of the New Zealander’s Irish and British Lions Back Room team.


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