KSW staff have been able to separate promotional champion Philip De Fries from a game of long for him to conduct an interview ahead of his KSW 4-7 title defense and it’s Unusual how at quiet the goliath Englishman is.

De Fries, a former fighter, has made no secret of his battles with anxiety since registering to the an powerhouse. Since seeking help, he’s found himself on the four-fight winning streak and has had out a number of their main names in Poland to claim the promotion’s gold strap.

Having efficiently wiped the listing of contenders clean from the most weight category, this weekend lighting heavyweight champion Tomasz Narkun will turn to battle De Fries. However, before all that, it’s KSW’s PR adviser Alan Murphy’s choice of game titles that’s in the firing line.

“spider man? ” he also asks of Murphy. “You enormous nerd. I don’t play with kid’s games! ”

As a result, the margins for error are and the resistance is the most intimidating. De Fries remembers being at a country of “sheer terror” when he competed in the Octagon. In contrast, he now feels as though he has “superpowers” when he steps in the cage.

“I’ve got my thoughts together now. That last struggle …until I moved …it’s scary stuff. All that standing about, looking across from your competitor …I simply thought, ‘you understand everything? I’m just likely to f*ckin’ enjoy it. ’ I went on the market and needed a fantastic time. This week has been similar to this. I still get bouts of nerves, however that I ’m just having a great time more than anything else. ”

“It’s merely four fights ago I have treatment for my worry and that I ’ve got that beat now,” he continues. “I’ve just had four struggles ever since that time, so I feel as if that I ’m growing together with every struggle. It’s maybe not scary anymore. I feel as though that I ’ve started over. You might also love as it’s happening anyway, you understand? ”

Some of the most important names which have fought KSW have met their demise when facing off against De Fries or Narkun. The light heavyweight winner enters the competition on the back of 2 wins over one of the most legendary names that ever competed for the organization–Mamed Khalidov.

For De Fries, a triumph over Narkun will make him that the most important man under the famed banner.

The Quickening can happen in the cage, you understand? ” he says, Assessing the 1986 classic at which rival swordsmen can get each other’s knowledge and experience by decapitating one another, an action known as “The Quickening”.

“It’s a excellent struggle, however it wasn’t the struggle which got initially booked. Tomasz wanted it,” he chased the struggle, however I presume he’s going to appreciate he’therefore made a huge mistake when I’m in addition to him beating his face . ”

De Fries surfaced with KSW because of noticeable underdog against Michal Andryszak, however afterwards asserting the following conquer behemoth Karol Bedorf, the accession of Satoshi Ishii into the branch –a man who holds a triumph over De Fries–shows exactly the promotion’s intent to keep interesting competitions in front on the Englishman.

Ishii leaves his KSW debut against former heavyweight champion Fernando Rodrigues Jr. this weekend, but to express that the Sunderland indigenous is itching to place the record straight between these are an huge exaggeration.

“Ishii is among the nicest human beings you’ll ever meet in your entire lifestyle,” remembers De Fries. “Following our struggle, he arrived and he spent an awful lot of money on usshowed us that the city [Tokyo] and he came across as a really fantastic guy.

“Fighting is firm; it’s about making money. It really is just one I’d love to run back, however I don’t think I’d ever call him out as he’s a wonderful guy. It’s possibly the logical struggle for KSW to create next. ”

Just 32 years of age, business is still flourishing for De Fries, especially if he talks about the ages of those fighters which are currently at the forefront of this global spot.

“I don’t know about that–my hair is falling out,” De Fries answers when I highlight how young he is with respect to his division. A heavy weight ’s prime is 3-5 or 36 in my opinion. ”

“I’m only getting back in to the career at which I am able to go to the very best gyms again,” he adds. “I’m growing back again. I’m at the end and I haven’t even been at the deep end for quite a while. The more I could invest in myself, the higher I can be. I feel as though I could fight for the No. 1 spot in the entire world some day. ”

His quest to underline his place one of the greatest heavyweights in the world continues with the Narkun struggle on Saturday. Not even close to being the nervous challenger he had been in the past, KSW’s heavyweight king proceeds to gain relaxation in his own confidence.

“They consistently say a excellent big guy will beat a excellent little guy, however I also think that I ’theres better compared to the f*ckin’ guy,” De Fries explains. “I presume all the cards are in my favor; I’ve got reach, size and everything. He is catchy, he’therefore off his back, but besides me making an error I don’t think he wins.

“Actually if I really do make a mistake…I’m overly big…I’ll only turn down him and then drop him on his face or something! ”


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