The indicators were already in place for ; they arrived to analyzing late, their performances generated little excitement, their primary technical officer is taking”a leave of absence” and they went into the opening race only wanting to’enhance their weekend’.

Concerns Regarding the lack of speed in the FW42 were verified when they qualified for the n Grand Prix Behind the grid.

To underline their struggles, ’ most useful 2019 qualifying lap was 0.130so slower than their best qualifying effort from 2018, which makes them the only team never to produce a step of progress in pace.

Their race was a lonely person; George Russell and finished three and two laps behind the race-winner respectively, albeit having Kubica suffering from some launching limb damage.

Attempting to find out the reasons for ’ scenario, Scott Mitchell and Jake Boxall-Legge join Glenn Freeman in discussing the”fundamental” problems facing the FW42, and also it might be just a lack of down force.

Do you believe can lower the difference to the midfield? You think that it’s too early to compose their 2019 season? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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