The second battle involving Emmanuel Sanchez and Georgi Karakhanyan performed otherwise, but the end result has been exactly the exact same: Sanchez with his hand increased in the end.

After the two feather weights first fought Bellator 170 back in January 2017, Sanchez gained a majority decision after a three-round bout that has been mostly contested on the feet. This time Karakhanyan made it abundantly obvious that this would be a wrestling-intensive game, which suited Sanchez just fine.

Sanchez (18-4) spent almost the entirety of round one with Karakhanyan in his protector and managed in order to prevent some major damage even while he fell behind on the scorecards. The momentum changed in round twice as Karakhanyan did not commence much offense off of the takedowns and Sanchez eventually countered one of his or her own.

Unlike Karakhanyan, Sanchez was able to land strikes from top position and later go into back position to consider a clear-cut minute round.

Karakhanyan shot in for a takedown straight away to start around three, but neglected to do more than simply hang on as Sanchez controlled his mind. Sanchez landed ground strikes on Karakhanyan where he would until he was able to spin loose and wind up at the top with just two minutes remaining. Karakhanyan couldn’t move out from under Sanchez and also stopped the fight consuming more ground-and-pound.

Sanchez, who has now won five of the last six fights, used his own post-fight speech to effort for a second booking so on, rather against either A.J. McKee or Pat Curran (the two are scheduled to fight on May 11 at Bellator 221).

“They think they want a few, but they don’t really want not one, as you can see,” Sanchez said. So everybody watching, every feather-weight watching, ” I ’m arriving for each of you.

“I’ll stay prepared for the McKee-Curran winner, if such a thing happens to ‘em, but that I ’m hungry and that I ’m all set to fight. I’m still hungry to fight. ”

From the co-main celebration, Valentin Moldavsky (8-1) spoiled former light heavyweight competition Linton Vassell’s r debut with a remarkable display of goodwill which got him a unanimous decision via a trio of 29-27 scores.

From there, Moldavsky worked and defended to sweep, setting the tone for a spell that has been a back and forth encounter in early going. Vassell would take Moldavsky down, Moldavsky would sweep, and Vassell would power back into the feet to re set the cycle. As the fight went on, this regular begun to favour Moldavsky and Vassell visibly faded in the next round.

Moldavsky scored a takedown to start the final framework rather than let up. He landed punches and rode Vassell into the finish, giving the Englishman no opportunity to explode off of the picture. Because of his efforts, Moldvasky probably shut out the fight using a 10-8 score.

With the win, Moldavsky is now 3-0 inside the Bellator cage, even while Vassell has three straight spells.

It wasn’t simple, but Anatoly Tokov (28-3) improved to 4-0 inside the Bellator cage using a second-round entry of veteran middleweight Gerald Harris (25-8-1). The 29-year-old Russian was rocked poorly with an over hand left at the initial round and it looked like Harris would put away him with hard shots onto the ground.

However, Tokov survived the onslaught and was able to endure alone and tie Harris upscoring a takedown and landing ground-and-pound to shut the opening round.

Tokov stayed on the offensive at the second period, needing only 32 minutes to take Harris’s throat and finish using a leading .

Post-fight, Tokov expressed an interest in hard Bellator middle weight champion Gegard Mousasi.

After a set of unfortunate events led to him snagging a most important card location, middle weight Norbert Novenyi Jr.. (4-0) made the most of his opportunity from out-grappling May Lavine (1 2 ) en route to your second-round entry win. The boy of Olympic wrestling gold medalist Norbert Novenyi, younger Novenyi left the household pleased by means of body lock early and dropping Lavine into the mat.

Lavine showed self indulgent, protecting against ground-and-pound and also a deep-looking guillotine attempt, but eventually succumbed to a head-and-arm choke at the 4:05 mark of their second round.


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