Kamaru Usman put on a flawless performance in UFC 235, promising that the welterweight championship following a single-player decision over tyronwoodley , also seemingly get his goal set on finishing a second lengthy winning series.

Woodley was unbeaten for 2 bouts before facing Usman, and one time interim champion Colby Covington is probably next after defeating six opponents in a row.

president Dana White has made it evident after 235 which Usman will place his name on the line versus Covington next, also Usman’s coach Jorge Santiago explains why the brand new 170-pound king wants to own “Chaos” as his first name defense.

”If Kamaru had to struggle Tyron Woodley again, (Woodley) would deserve this, but I think the next inline today could be Colby,” Santiago told MMA Fighting. “(Covington) strove to obtain some attention and you like him or not, he’s first got it. He’s conor-mcgregor , however he’s reading his book on ways best to have attention.

He really hes to close this guy up because he talks alot. ’”

Usman entered 235 with a couple little injuries, including a wounded foot which requires a little attention. According to Santiago, his team is targeting a June reunite against Covington.

Asked if “Chaos” might be an easier matchup to get Usman when compared with Woodley, Santiago said “” I presume so”.

”” I presume Colby is an average fighter, does a little bit of everything, like Kamaru, but Kamaru does it on a higher degree,” Santiago explained. I believe that it finishes before five rounds. ”

Usman is riding an impressive winning series with performances that were dominant across the likes of Woodley, Demian Maia and Rafael dos Anjos, however hasn’t ended a competition since his first-round knock out conquer Sergio Moraes at Sept. 20 17.

Santiago admits he wasn’t even expecting a stoppage victory on a “really demanding ” Woodley in 235, however “expected the struggle to be more closer. ”

”I didn’t even think he’d predominate that far,” Santiago explained. “This was the strategy we put, not to let him breathe, how (Rory) MacDonald fought him. The strategy we set was sort of made around this struggle. Taking him down was the target, and even him didn’t even be prepared you’ll be that successful at every rounds. He went there and dominated. He did the best he could to finish the struggle, but Tyron is so tough. ”

”” I presume he broke him emotionally,” he continued. “This was the goal, allow him to understand that he didn’t even have lots of resources, and he wound up persuasive Tyron himself . It really had been his nighttime. ”

The gap for his next fight is that Usman may definitely enter the cage for a jiu jitsu black buckle.

”I’ve been after his development,” said Santiago, that met Usman if he had been a blue belt at 2012. “I had been his first training partner in 2012, then became his coach and his jiu jitsu teacher. I’ve always said, ‘you’ll merely earn the black buckle once you train at the gi, differently you’ll die a brown belt,’ also he did his role. He trained alot on the gi for this particular struggle. ”


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