By Chris : . says he’s perhaps maybe not fazed by Manny Pacquiao apparently having second thoughts about confronting him following agreeing to consider the struggle with him last Saturday following Spence’s triumph over Mikey Garcia. Last Friday,” Pacquiao created a 4-fighter poll on his Twitter account, requesting his fans to select his second competitor. Spence’s name has been left off the poll by Pacquiao.

Pacquiao completely left Spence’s name to the poll, that includes plenty of folks thinking he’therefore decided to ditch the struggle . If that happens to be the case, it’d be a poor look for Pacquiao, due to his ’s an all-time amazing, former eight division world champion, and a senator in the Philippines. When politicians say that they ’re going to do some thing, their constituents expect them to follow . If Pacquiao having second thoughts regarding fighting Spence can be a terrible appearance.

Last Saturday,” Pacquiao said, “Sure, why not? ” when asked by Spence if he’d be willing to fight him next. Now it resembles Pacquiao has already established a chance of mind and also is looking in another direction to get an opponent because of his second fight.

Here’s Pacquiao’s Tweet on his four-man poll [minus Errol Spence] requesting his fans to select his next competitor:

The sad thing about Pacquiao fighting one among those four guys in his poll is he’s likely going to fall into them, as soon as that happens, it’ll be pointless for Spence to struggle with the Filipino star. Spence (25-0, 21 KOs) isn’t going to desire leftovers in fighting with a guy who is nolonger the ‘regular’ world winner, also can be in a destitute position. If Pacquiao gets humiliated by Keith Thurman, #2 runnerup in the voting in his poll, there won’t be reason for Spence to fight him. Spence would be better off fighting Thurman than he’d Pacquiao after he wins into ‘onetime ’. Of course, what goes on if Pacquiao ignores Thurman being selected while the next greatest vote-getter in the poll? Does Pacquiao discount Thurman too, also go ahead and fight with the #3 vote-getter in Danny Garcia? Pacquiao can just forget about Floyd Mayweather appearing out of retirement to fight himbecause he’s not going to achieve so. Mayweather is retired so far as goes. Which means Pacquiao need to fight the next greatest vote getter in the poll, which in that case is now Thurman.

It’s too bad Pacquiao didn’t include Spence within his poll. The manner that Pacquiao abandoned Spence from the checklist, it shows you how much admiration he has for him personally. At exactly the exact same time frame, a lot of fans are going to shed respect for Pacquiao if he ducks the Spence struggle after agreeing to fight him.


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