GROUP C REVIEW: With a six-goal win apart against Constanta, T Th Holstebro assert a theoretical Prospect of qualifying for your Adult Males ’s EHF Cup Quarter Finals.

Holstebro keep delicate quarter-final hopes living

T th Holstebro pulled level on issues with HC Dobgrogea Sud Constanta afterwards hammering the n club 28:22 at a great off performance. The win means that the 2 sides are tied for second at Group C ahead of tomorrow’s game between first-placed Sofarma along with last-placed Liberbank Cuenca.

  • With four points per day, both teams still have a chance of reaching the Quarter Finals
  • Holstebro had a nine-goal lead at one point
  • Janko Kevic scored six targets for Constanta
  • Magnus Bramming also scored six to get Holstebro

HC Dobgrogea Sud Constanta (ROU) Compared to T Th Holstebro (DEN) 22:28 (8:16)

Holstebro kept a theoretical chance of a place at the quarter-finals residing with a clear triumph contrary to Constanta. Even the six-goal difference could also prove important in the event of an immediate contrast with a second-placed bar from one of the other types.

Holstebro had the upper hand from the beginning of the match.

An effective 5-1 defence before a leading Sebastian Frandsen in goal allowed the visitors to have an early two-goal lead, along with an effective established attack as well as a more effective fast break phase enabled to them to raise their lead steadily throughout the first half.

By pushing their defence further forward, Constanta were able to lower the deficit to five aims in 20:15, but it didn’t require Holstebro long to see this new defensive formation by their competitions and raise their lead again.

Both teams may now have to wait before the last game afternoon next weekend to be aware of their fate within your contest.

TEXT: Peter Bruun/jh


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