High profile club ownership is not anything new into this football world.

However, what about when your owner happens to be a movie star with about 18 million social networking lovers, who started the club from scratch and can be involved with its daily affairs?

Meet John Abraham, the Bollywood celebrity who wanted playing for his country as a new boy, and who’s currently investing far more than only his money to construct a football legacy in his home country.

‘A movie deal one day, a transfer deal the next’

Abraham, 46, is just one of ’s highest-profile actors, with starred about 50 films, also produced and directed a group of his or her own having fantastic success.

However,’The Hulk of all Bollywood’, ” as he had been afterwards dubbed, was not always begging for movie fame. As a young boy growing up in Bombay, he had been dreaming of the other path to stardom – on the pitch, as opposed to the screen.

His ambition of playing for didn’t quite workout, and he describes himself as a”accidental actor” when charting his rise to fame in the film market.

After he had been given the chance to become a part of the formation of this n Super League (ISL), it was the opportunity he could not refuse and he founded a club of his or her own.

Despite chances to put money into his hometown team, Mumbai, Abraham watched the opportunity to create a club at one of the country’s football hotbeds, the northeast.

The appropriately termed north east United FC was made in 2013 and it has currently completed five seasons at the ISL, this year qualifying for its play offs for its very first time.

“On one day I’m making a deal to get a film with Netflix or Amazon, and on yet another I’m creating a deal with a club to get a player,” says Abraham, that conducts the bar with his wife, Priya, who’s also the chairwoman.

“I love the acting of course, but I also discover the sport world more exciting, and also much more energetic.

“I want to distinguish myself from other associates because I’m involved day today in exactly what happens with the club.

“Actors are sometimes employed as showcases to attract in ences – but that is not the way I view myself.

“we all know the positions of the team, who has injuries – everything down to a tee that is happening with our club.

“We sometimes argue with the coach, and the coach argues with the players but I always believe that this really can be constructive because in case you never argue you are not spent within the club”

NorthEast United FC are currently fourth in the Indian Super League

‘Running a club is similar to creating two high-budget films’

Abraham’s investment at the club is demonstrably more than just financial, however when you look at the numbers north east United are distinct from their ISL competitions.

“These clubs are owned by billion-dollar corporate houses,” he states. “We’re the only club run by humans and it’s really run by fair fire.

“We’re constantly losing money. To do it, either we’re rationally passionate or we’re merely passionately dumb”

Abraham is quick to acknowledge his spouse’s crucial role in the club’s success, also says it is her input that empowers him to be more focused on his different livelihood.

“She is far more capable than me personally for the task and the entire financing and governance of this club is managed by her.

“It’s a huge task she has undertaken and an unbelievable amount of work goes into every detail”

Priya certainly gets the merging worlds of film and sport.

“It is like some other good play – we have suffered on lots of degrees, worked tirelessly to get where we all are and are now excited for that which comes .”

Abraham includes:”managing a soccer team to get a season is similar to producing two high-budget Bollywood films in a year.

“It is just like a film. In a picture, I take pleasure in the process however, at the end of your day, the film will fail when it releases.

“That’s the way the game is. You do all you can do, however sometimes you lose.

“But when you win, or any time the picture succeeds, it is the most euphoric feeling in the world”

Bollywood actor John Abraham and his wife Priya Runchal


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