Norris qualified eighth for his introduction , and after running 10th from the early phases had been stuck behind the Alfa Romeo of Antonio Giovinazzi in the first part of his next stint.

This allowed , Daniil Kvyat and to jump himmeaning he ended the race 12th.

“He did a terrific job complete,” de Ferran informed “He really didn’t set a foot wrong the whole weekend.

“Plenty of control and discipline, he peaked when he had to pace-e in qualifying, also in the race we were only unfortunate with all the Giovinazzi train.

“Apart from that I think he managed himself really well and drove the same as a veteran in various ways.

“He had to strike and defend during the racehad to take care of his own pace and also the tyres and I think he did that very well.”

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De Ferran was not frustrated that Giovinazzi stayed ahead for such a long time, despite Norris believing it would have been possible to pass the Alfa Romeo faster faced with the same position later on.

“Listen, it’s his first grandprix,” said de Ferran when asked if Norris should’ve got past Giovinazzi quicker.

“I am sure if he plays it back, an individual would expect that he would think he can do so better and that better.

“That’s certainly one of Lando’s great attributes, his capacity to think through his own performance and analyse meticulously what he is doing inside the vehicle, his decisionmaking and so on.

“This power to become self-critical and openminded, within my summation, is something that’s definitely going to serve him well.”

De Ferran reported that Norris’s performance during the weekend showed that the 19-year-old belongs in F1 even if the final result didn’t do him justice.

“He undoubtedly didn’t feel out of place,” he said. “It was a fantastic performance and it was a shame that he didn’t come home with a few pointsthat was entire from the realms of potential had the race gone a bit othere. ”

Lando Norris, McLaren

Lando Norris,


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