Following UFC on ESPN+ 6 Saturday at Nashville, the fight promotion announced the recipients of their fighter incentives.

Fight of the Night honors moved into Mitchell and Moffett for their featherweight war that closed out of that the preliminary fight card. Mitchell knocked Moffett down at the opening round but Moffett rapidly regained. The fight contained backandforth striking trades and scrambles on the ground. After three rounds, the judges saw the fight for Mitchell by unanimous decision.

Pettis got a Performance of the Night award because of his second-round knock out of Stephen “wonder boy ” Thompson in the fight card’s chief event. It had been Pettis’s welterweight introduction and the prior lightweight winner showed he could compete with the best 170-pound fighters on earth. With seconds remaining in the next round, Pettis landed a super-man punch that rendered Thompson unconscious. The crowd in the stadium was stunned at the start of events. Thompson was winning the fight until there.

The two wasted no time monitoring strikes with Markos pushing forward. She procured a takedown and secured within an armbar that forced Hill to tap out.

UFC Nashville featured 1-2 bouts. Eight of the struggles went the distance, three ended at knockouts plus you ended via entry.


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