Watch vs. Stephen Thompson complete combat video from Nashville’s chief event above, due to .

UFC Fight Night: Thompson vs. Pettis happened March 23 at the Bridgestone Arena at Nashville, Tennessee. Welterweight contender Stephen Thompson (14-4-1) welcomed former lightweight winner Anthony Pettis

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Round 1: Herb Dean may be the third person in the Octagon with this main event. With a touch of these gloves, Thompson opens up a series of sidekicks targeted toward Pettis’ midsection. Dancing across the outside, Thompson compromises using a straight left before eating a body detach from Pettis. Along with his hands completely in his side, Thompson proceeds to seep off as he batters Pettis with mixes. Pettis reacts with thunderous outside leg kick.

Pettis eats a human system kick and reacts with yet another leg kick. Pettis continues to work the midsection with a right kick before narrowly missing with a spinning back heel kick. Smiling, Thompson nods in approval. Plodding forwards, Pettis slaps at a straight right between the eyes. Thompson switches stances and immediately joins using a higher kick. A snarling Pettis shakes off the blow also continues on.

Round two: Thompson accumulates the next frame where he left off as he threatens with a right high kick before attacking with his trademark side kick. Pettis reaches the other high kick but reacts using a straight right to the chin. Pettis showing signs of damage as blood flows from his moutharea. Thompson relying heavily on his cries now as he joins with a top body and leg kick. Pettis reacts with a series of lead leg kicks.

Halfway through the round today and Thompson continues to property will on his permanent opponent. Thompson locating a home for his right jab currently as he lands three straight on the busted nose up of Pettis. Walking his opponent into the fence. Thompson lowers his handsleaving himself open for an attack. Taking good advantage of this windowPettis unloads with a picture perfect super man punch square on the bottoms of Thompson, sending him tumbling to the picture The referee jumps in! yells out Stephen Thompson!

Stephen Thompson through KO (Super-man punch) in 4:55 of Round two


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