A Switzerland soccer player pumped out in a aerial coict in a Euro 2020 qualifier received emergency help from a part of rival team Georgia.

Fabian Schaer’s head begins with the skull of Georgia’s Jemal Tabidze as went for the ball in the 24th minute of the match in Tbilisi.

Schaer lay unconscious on the floor, and his tongue stuck down his throat.

Georgian player Jano Ananidze rushed to his aid, mimicking his hands in Schaer’s mouth to free the participant tongue.

Schaer recovered quickly after further treatment from Ss first-aiders, Ss everyday Blick reports, also managed to continue playing, helping set up Switzerland’s second-half aims to his or her 2:0 success.

“It looks awful. I can not remember such a thing,” that the player told that the paper after being shown video . “I had been outside for a couple of seconds. My skull is still humming. And I’ve got neck pain along with also a bruise on my forehead. However, it had been worth it.”

Tabidze also lay motionless after the clash, his shirt covered in blood, but he, too, regained.


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