From Chris Williams: Amir Khan (33-4, 20 KOs) is convinced he’will pull a significant upset by defeating the unbeaten WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford (34-0, 25 KOs) with his speed, intelligence, size and experience the following month on April 20 on ESPN payperview at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Khan, 32, says he’so trusting he doesn’t even need to chase Crawford round the ring for 12 rounds because he plans on standing there and fighting it out with him. Khan doesn’t even wish to pursue the marginally younger 31-year-old Crawford if he doesn’t even need to.

Khan admits he’s the underdog in this struggle, however he feels that the boxing universe is wrong in them picking Crawford to acquire. Khan wants to prove them wrong by going out there and boxing his way into a decision. He doubts he’ he ll be able to knock-out Crawford, however he does feel he’so got the boxing skill-set to get the work done .

“I think I’theres an alternative fighter than one different fighters he’so confronted ” Khan thought to Helen Yee Sports. He’s one or 2 fights from the division against lower caliber fighters, who I would probably beat myself as good. I just feel he’s fighting the best fighter in the division right now. He’will be analyzed. I’t got the rate, the ability, I’t got the explosiveness, also so I ’t got the size,” Khan said.

In terms of experience, Crawford hasn’t ever been analyzed against anyone of note at welterweight since moving up to the weight class. Crawford has beaten Jose Benavidez Jr. and Jeff Horn. Both of those fighters are flawed, and not considered to be one of the finest from the division. Horn is actually a boxer that caught the World Boxing Organization welterweight title in 2017 in roughing up Manny Pacquiao in Brisbane, Australia and winning a controversial 12 round choice. Horn lost to Crawford from 2018 with a ninth round knockout. Crawford recently ceased Benavidez Jr. at the twelfth around last October.

“that is going to be one of the very first times I’t become a struggle as an underdog, however whilst the larger guy,” Khan said. “Generally I go into the struggle whilst small guy and the underdog. In this struggle I’m the underdog, however that I ’m the bigger guy. I’t obtained more experience, and I probably have the higher resume. I understand Terence is unbeaten, also he has a great resume and looked good in his latest struggle, but I feel that this is only a bit too much because of him. He is fairly new in the welterweight division. I feel I have the speed, experience and power to introduce him into the welterweight division and show him what the welterweight division is about,” Khan said.

The area where Khan says Crawford features a resume is a place that many boxing fans would simply take issue with. The simple truth is, Crawford’s great. He’s paired closely by his promoters at Best Rank, who have quite skillful with how they’ve matched him. Like we’re seeing Top Rank matching heavyweight Tyson Fury against Tom Schwarz on June 15 in a exhibition struggle for Fury, the promotional company was performing lots of skillful matchmaking together with Crawford. His best wins as a pro came against such fighters: Jose Benavidez Jr., Jeff Horn, Yuriorkis Gamboa, John Molina Jr., Viktor Postol, Felix Diaz, Julius Indongo, Dierry Jean, Hank Lundy, Thomas Dulorme, Raymundo Beltran, Ricky Burns and Breidis Prescott. Khan may probably conquer most of the guys. The very best light welterweights — Regis Prograis, Ivan Baranchyk, Jose Ramirez, Kiryl Relikh and Maurice Hooker may probably defeat every one of the fighters Crawford has faced. The fact is, Crawford’s resume is feeble, and we don’t even know how good he could be. It wouldn’t even be surprising whether Crawford will lose into Khan, because he’s not faced really great fighters. Crawford has just been matched. Best Rank didn’t put Crawford at the World Boxing Super Series 140 lb tournament, also he was never compared against arguably the greatest fighter in the division in Prograis.

“there are always a great deal of great fighters in boxing. He’s up there. I don’t even possess him #1 or #2. He is very dangerous. He is very difficult to overcome, but I truly believe I’ve got the relevant skills and the tools to achieve this. I don’t even think Crawford has proven himself in the welterweight division at the time of yet. To overcome him will soon be harder, however in my opinion I could perform this,” Khan said.

For Khan to beat Crawford, he’s going to have to become more aggressive like he did in his win over Phil Lo Greco. Khan can’t just give rounds away and expect to win on things. Throwing single shots against Crawford isn’t the best way to succeed. Much like a great deal of counter punchers, Crawford struggles when he’s working fighters who throw combinations. When you take a look at the struggles where Crawford had problems against Gamboa, Dulorme and Postol, he looked awful when those guys flurried onto him. Crawford was also boxing Postol to get the majority of the struggle. In the 12th, Crawford decided to stand and struggle, also Postol was lighting up him with shots and forced him to go back to getting round the ring. Crawford got the worst of this when Postol started casting mixes. In case Khan can float on Crawford with speedy combinations, they could capture him with a shooter he doesn’t even see, that could be game over for him. Crawford is great at countering fighters who throw you shot at one time, however if throw a lot, ” he ’s overwhelmed and perhaps never willing to fight that form of contest.

“I was at the top before. I’m back at #1I believe, and I want to be back there again,” Khan said. “How to do this, I must beat Crawford. I was moved against Canelo, however, he was the larger guy. He simply put me with a major shot and put me away. Within this struggle Crawford, I have to take my best shape . I can’t even make any mistakes .

Khan was one of many top 140 pound fighters eight years ago in 2011, however he never established he was the #1 guy. When he did try and prove it, he dropped to back conflicts into Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia.

A victory for Khan over Crawford won’t even force him the #1 fighter in 147. For Khan to be the very best guy at welterweight, he’ll need to overcome Errol Spence, since the perceived number 1 fighter in welterweight in the opinion of the boxing public. Crawford is #3 in 147 supporting Spence and Keith Thurman. For Khan to turn into the very best welterweight, he’s going to have to secure his struggle on April 20 against Crawford, then defeat Spence to shoot the number 1 spot. Since Crawford is #3 in 147, a sensible move for Khan would be for him to take the next ranked guy in Shawn Porter followed by Thurman and then finally Spence.

“everybody is believing he’will win quite readily, however this is the place I will lead to a major upset,” Khan said about the boxing universe believing Crawford is going to beat him. “This really is my period. This really will be the peak of my career. Physically, I feel stronger. I’ve got rate in my side. While I compare myself to where I was at three to four years before, I feel a lot better today than I did so . This really is going to be a tough, don’t even misunderstand me. There are occasions where people ’re going to need to dig deep. Crawford is one of the boxers that is going to come to struggle. In case he would like to come fight me, I’m always going to be there, standing there. In case he would like to come forward, there’s going to be a lot of exchanges. I prefer he arrived at me personally so he’s maybe not running,” Khan said.

Crawford is actually a counter puncher, therefore he’s going to be awaiting a good deal by the principles, searching for chances to cancel Khan. If Crawford does go on the attack, he gets struck, and also he looks slow and maybe perhaps not great in terms of his endurance. Enrolling in weight robbed Crawford of a lot of the rate he once had. But also he’s becoming older name, also can be struck longer than he did in days gone by when he was younger. Crawford is also fighting bigger guys who are younger and more talented than the feeble resistance that Top Rank was feeding him through recent years. Even the boxing fans gave Crawford a pass when he was matched against Indongo, Diaz and Molina rather than Prograis and Baranchyk. Crawford was matched well by being put in against beatable fighters, however he’s definitely not been analyzed apart from in his struggle with Gamboa in 2014. This has been an incident of Crawford fighting an outdated tiny guy, that continues to be plagued by activity problems with his livelihood.

“I am ’t even see myself quitting Crawford,” Khan said. I feel as that I ’m the better boxer of the 2, also I could go on it all of the way into the ending and win on things. It’ll be great to be the WBO champion also to overcome a pound-for-pound fighter. God has given me this opportunity to receive one win to where I want to be rather than just having four or three fights. When he make me chase himand I catch him he’s countering me and he’s too quick and too eloquent, then it’ll become a hard struggle,” Khan said.

Knocking out Crawford will be potential. Khan is selling himself short. In the event that you watched Crawford’s fights with Diaz, Horn and Benavidez, he looked just like someone that could be knocked out when heor even rsquo;s hit plenty of. Crawford’s eyebrow is no better than some other fighter. He’s only somebody that’s been paired well, also does a lot of counter punching. Crawford counterpunches, jabs and goes round the ring.

< b> Khan said. “I want to prove the world wrong by beating a champion and also a pound-for-pound guy. There are other fights I could have removed against Kell Brook, which have’d made me a tiny bit extra money. I think this struggle may cement my legacy. Beating Crawford will require me to some other level to become one of the greatest champions to come out of Britain. I would like to be analyzed against the best. I feel as the Brook struggle will always be there. But with the Crawford, I don’t even think the pound-for-pound struggle will be there again. If someone else comes along and defeats himthen I wouldn’t even have that opportunity to overcome him. I’d quite be the one to shoot his ‘O’ apart from him. I initially thought he was a 140 pound fighter, but then I watched his struggles against [Jeff] Horn and [Jose] Benavidez, and he looked extremely good. It’s a struggle I know I could acquire. I know I’m better than Benavidez and Crawford. What I have to do to win this struggle is be brighter and in my best shape. A lot of folks think that this is likely to be a one-day struggle. I don’t even see it like that. Crawford never fought anybody with my rate or my skill-set I have. An upset could happen. This ’so what Bob Arum said about me personally. I’m likely to encounter this struggle and give it my all. There are particular fights I could have shot, but I want to be challenged,” Khan said.


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