Busch’s No. 18 wasn’t to his own liking in training on the weekend and qualified 1-3 th for Sunday’s STP 500 — the very first time since the Daytona season owner he neglected to progress to the last round of qualifying.

At the rush, perhaps because of the bigger trunk spoiler and more down force, Busch found it much more difficult to pass and until the last stage he remained out of their search.

“I could only do this there for a time once I was out there with my own hands full at the mid point of the race running 1 2 th. I have a hand in that and being able to talk to my crew chief,”” Busch stated.

“I’m grateful to own Adam Stevens to the box also he made some e changes for the next half of the race. It made us better. The pit crew was awesome now, too. I think we chose up like 1-2 spots on pit road so which was a massive help as you couldn’t pass onto the race track. ”

Busch started finishing at the last point and by the last pit stop, Busch came in second behind Brad Keselowski with 45 laps remaining.

“I had a nose underneath (Keselowski) there at the midst of (Turns) 3 and 4 and he chopped my nose off. Ordinarily, when you hit a guy, they move out of the way. As an alternative it seemed as though my car had to move out of this way,” Busch stated.

“Afterward (Chase Elliott) I got we ended up finishing third. This was a lot better day then we probably should have experienced and we made the most of the opportunity. ”

He has 2 wins, five topfive and six top-10 finishes in six races this season.

Asked what more he had to make a run using Keselowski for the guide, Busch said: ldquo;more raw speed. We’re only kind of off a tiny bit. We didn’t feel great and I didn’t think we’re great in clinic — never as effective as we all typically are here.

“Just lacking a little bit of something. From where we ran mid way purpose of the race where we finished there, which was a really good turnaround. ”

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