Pacquiao, 40, created a four-fighter survey on his Twitter site requesting his boxing fans to pick his second competitor from the little list of fighters: Mayweather Jr., Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia along with Shawn Porter.

73% of those buffs selected Mayweather whilst the fighter they would like to watch Pacquiao fight next. The runner up is Thurman at 13% followed by Danny Garcia at 9 percent and Shawn Porter at 5 percent.

A glaring omission in Pacquiao’s 4-fighter set is Errol Spence Jr., that recently agreed to struggle next. It was just eight days past that Pacquiao climbed into the ring at the AT&T Stadium at Arlington, Texas and accepted a struggle from IBF welterweight champion Spence to be his second competitor. Regrettably, Pacquiao seems to have had a reversal of money, as he left Spence’off s name his four-fighter survey that he asked his fans to select out of picking his second opponent.

Pacquiao has taken a lot of heat from boxing fans for producing a 4-fighter poll without even Errol Spence’s name being on the list of four fighters listed. It wouldn’t’ve already been a huge deal if Pacquiao hadn’t even decided to struggle Spence a week when the Filipino celebrity entered the ring moments after his win over Mikey Garcia at Arlington, Texas. In case Pacquiao had no interest in fighting with Spence, he then should have entered the ring and then decided to manage him.

Merely because Mayweather won the survey doesn’t even mean that he’s going to accept fight Pacquiao. It was likely moot for Pacquiao to include Mayweather’s name on the set in the first place, seeing that he would definitely win against the survey, get a great deal of boxing fans excited, and the struggle would still not happen. Instead of owning Mayweather’s name on the checklist, Pacquiao needs to have dedicated to active welterweights which in fact need to fight. In that instance, Spence and Terence Crawford would have been amazing choices set up of Mayweather and Danny Garcia. This isn’t even a knock on Danny, however he’s lost out two of his last few fights, and he’s not acceptable to be fighting with a superstar such as Pacquiao depending on the leadership his career is going in today, which is certainly downhill.

In case Mayweather chooses to fight Pacquiao second, afterward his poll will have meant something, however since that’s not as likely to happen, Manny needs to have left his name off the list.


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