The referee Ian John Le scored it 100-90, which is exactly precisely the exact same dent that News 2 4 scored it.

The fight looked more as a sparring session than an actual bout. The fans at ringside started booing the slow, lethargic way both fighters were rival with the ninth. They proceeded to boo sporadically until the endresult. The fans clearly weren’t even happy.

Even the 39-year-old Johnson looked as if he was just hoping to survive as opposed to win the struggle. He rarely threw any punches at the struggle, and mostly only used his shoulder roster to choose off the plodding Gorman’s slow, and telegraphed punches. Johnson fought reasonably well in the first two weeks, but he seemed to tire by the next round.

The rest of the struggle, Johnson just focused on his defensive to make Gorman overlook his or her shouts. Johnson fought on defense, but he neglected to let his hands move on offense. Due to his era, Johnson’s fast hand speed has deteriorated to the point where he’s fairly slow, and easy to counter if he throws shots. That’s just one of the reasons why Johnson wasn’t even projecting a great tonight.

When he would throwGorman would counter with left hooks and right hands. By the close of the struggle, Johnson had swelling around both eyes contrary to the countless shots that he obtained from Gorman. Even though Johnson picked a lot of Gorman’s punches, many of them still got through and connected . These will be the ones that led to the swelling around Johnson’s eyes. Gorman was at his best in the fifth and fourth. He did actually decelerate in the second half the struggle. One reason for this is Johnson wasn’t even doing anything, and it overly possible for Gorman.

This wasn’t even the best performance by Gorman, that was made to move the distance in his next successive fight Knocking a guy like Johnson isn’t easy, but it’s still possible. Subsequent to the way Gorman foughtit’s unlikely that he’ll excel when he strikes Daniel Dubois in the future. Gorman is just too slow. Dubois, and any other heavyweight in the upper 15, could readily take advantage of Gorman’s slow, plodding type of fighting, and work .

Kevin Johnson looked as a mere shadow of the boxer he was when he unsuccessfully challenged former World Council heavyweight champion in ’09. Johnson didn’t even look back then, but he had a wonderful jab and pretty rapid hands during the time. Tonight, Johnson scarcely threw his jab, and he looked slow. The fact that Gorman couldn’t even knock Johnson outside is a symptom of the way average he is.

Sam Maxwell vs. Sabri Sediri — RESULTS

Maxwell captured Sediri having a enormous right turn in the 10th round to put him down. The state period of the stoppage has been at 2:46 of round 10. Maxwell knocked Sediri down sooner in the struggle in the second and first rounds.

Sam Bowen vs. Jordan McCorry — RESULTS

Bowen captured McCorry with some big shots in the ninth. Bowen then unloaded on McCorry before the Warriors Steve Gray had been forced to intervene and stop the contest at 0:33 of round nine.

Bowen, 26, had his way with McCorry that the whole struggle, hurting him round six, and continuing to blast away at him in the eighth and seventh rounds. McCorry had point deductions for projecting low blows in rounds six and seven.

In other action on the card, junior middle weight CJ Challenger (10-0, 2 KOs) defeated Kyle Haywood (8-1-1, 1 KOs) with a 10 round decision. The score had been 97-95.


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