EXCLUSIVE interviews by Paul R Jones!   Swept up with former Super Lightweight World Champion Sergey Lipinets (14 1, 10 KOs) and reigning WBC Welterweight World Champ ‘Showtime’ (30-2-1, 17 KOs) to get their viewpoints on Peterson vs. Lipinets, that airs on tonight at 8pm ET/5pm PT on FS1 and FOX Deportes (prelims atmosphere on FS1 in 6pm ET/3pm PT).

Where as Lipinets faces former two-division world titlist Lamont Peterson (35-4-1, 17 KOs) in a match-up that could have a seismic impact on their various livelihood and divisional ranks, Porter delivers a unique view with this fight having participated in Peterson’s training camp in prep for Lipinets.

Here’s exactly what Lipinets (through interpreter) and Porter needed to say throughout our short interviews:

News 24 (BN24): Your fight Lamont Peterson on Sunday is a major fight for the two of you personally at this time in your respective careers. How has your training and prep been going into this fight?

Sergey Lipinets (SL): It is a massive fight, no doubt about it. Great sparring partners. We had four different sparring partners and also we went [camp] without any accidents, no bumps, no lumps. Every thing was excellent.

, while you also experienced a blow off against Mikey Garcia in 2018. But what sort of fight are you really expecting from Lamont?

SL: I’m convinced that Lamont is ready for the fight.   He’d time for you to get ready, and I think he has ready.   And wherever that fight will take , in the exact middle of the ring, even on the ropes, whatever game[plan] he’s likely to develop with, I’will have to adapt. I’m definitely going to have to adjust and it’therefore definitely going to be a great fight.

BN24: Should you manage Lamont inside this fight, what is the plan dancing?

SL: I don’t h to seem beyond Lamont, regardless of what it’s. If I get beyond Lamont afterward we’ll start considering someone else.   At the moment, all my thoughts have been around Lamont Peterson.

BN24: Without giving away your strategy, concerning the game plan, what’s your own approach to beating Lamont?   Are there some holes that you just see in his game that you can take advantage of?

SL:  No matter what it really is, irrespective of what Lamont is about to accomplish, I think that I need to be ready for this. I have a excellent corner and also a great trainer.   I really believe that all I have to do is follow my trainer and anything my corner is telling me to complete along with that’s relating to it.

We’ve done unique strategies and [we’re all set for] whatever Lamont would like to really do. If he wants to box, I’ll box.   When he wants to bluff, I’ll bang.   Whatever Lamont is about to accomplish, we will come up with a strategy to counter it.

BN24: Thank you for taking out time to consult with us now and we h you the very best of luck during Sunday night.

* *

News 24 (BN24):  Shawn, I understand that you’t been in Lamont’s camp because of this fight.   So just how can you see Peterson vs. Lipinets playing out?

  Thus, from my perspective, I understand that Lamont can he can stay.   I think he’so going to try to box and maybe work his way to punching.

I understand the only way that Lipinets will conquer him is by simply being very competitive and attempting to remain on him throughout the span of 1-2 rounds, that will be difficult to accomplish against someone like Lamont Peterson that has a stinger in your hands.

BN24: Who can you see eventually winning the fight on Sunday?

  I think he’so definitely going to outbox [Lipinets] and maintain him off of him.

BN24: Shifting gears, your latest fight with Ugas was a tough one that you could win .   How was that experience for you personally?

SP: The experience for me was an opportunity for me to do a few different factors.   Find a way to believe more and comprehend more through the duration of a fight. 

Honestly, despite the fact that you guys begin to see the competitive design, a lot of times, I’m thinking also it’s calculated.   However, it’SA whole lot faster compared to the pace that I fought at the other night.

Moving forward, I believe that blending both together, the aggression with the ability of the other night, you have a wonderful fighter in .

BN24: Looking ahead, ” I ’ve seen you on the Inside PBC show cite Errol Spence being a fight that interests you.   Is that really who you’re searching for next?

SP: That’therefore the ONLY thing for me personally.   I think that that’s what’s definitely going to be next.   I really don ’t really see Manny Pacquiao improving and shooting on Errol Spence or herself.   I think that if Manny were to choose between both people, he would go together with me to the count of me doing something somewhat different in the ring instead of necessarily showing what every one ’s seen previously.   And Errol looked excellent against Mikey Garcia. 

And I think myself Errol, that’s everything going to be next.

Or is that fight still an alternative?

SP: I think he gets … indeed. Not only mepersonally, but generally.

I’m only going to proceed forward and find out other guys like Errol Spence along with Manny Pacquiao.

BN24: If you Spence were to fight, does one see that fight happening later this calendar year, in 2020, or on another deadline?

SP: I’m thinking, summertime. [I] just interviewed him on inside PBC the other night and he said that he hed to remain busy and July or August would work because of him. 

Not that I’m on his deadline, however whatever I need to complete in order to make it perform.

BN24: thanks a lot Shawn for the time and best of luck in the foreseeable long run!

SP: You have it. Thank you.

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