Briggs, 46, didn’t get into details, however he’s saying he’s going to return on the 15 th of June. Briggs asserts that Matchroom promoter was trying to keep him out from this match, and he says he also sees him as a “chump. ”

Briggs (60-6-1, 53 KOs) hasn’t battled since quitting journeyman Emilio Ezequiel Zarate from the first round on May 21, 20-16. Briggs was supposed to fight David Haye shortly after that, however the two couldn’t arrange a struggle. Haye said that Briggs wanted the struggle to be about payperview, which just wasn’t possible at the time.

“June 15 th is your return. You’re going to see some thing you never seen before,” Briggs said to contrary to the Gloves in talking about him coming to this ring. Briggs stated.

Briggs will have to get yourself a permit if heor even rsquo;s definitely going to be fighting again. Briggs failed a drug test in analyzing positive for a banned substance in May 2017, according to Wikipedia. He was supposed to be fighting with Fres Oquendo on June 3, 2017. On July 20, 2017, Briggs was given a six month suspension with the . He’s perhaps maybe not ranked in the top 15 as of this time. It’s uncertain why Briggs didn’t return to the ring at 2018. The six month suspension should have expired by now, therefore it’s uncertain why Briggs didn’t return to the ring at 2018.

“” I feel like the match needs me,” Briggs stated. “These guys on the market like ; he’s a chump. , you’r e a chump. He’so hoping to keep me out of this match. You don’t need me at the match. I’m damaging into this match, know? Some guy like me, I’m dangerous. I’m in your press conferences, and then I ’m in your weigh-ins.

Briggs will likely be turning 4-7 in July. He looked adequate in his final struggle three years ago at 20-16, but it’so hard to assume Briggs coming to exactly the same level he was back then. Briggs had a 4 year break from after his loss into former WBC heavyweight champion at 2010. Briggs took a lot of punishment in that struggle in losing a 12 round decision. Back in 2014, Briggs declared his career and won eight successive struggles. When it appeared to be Briggs was set up for several interesting struggles, his career stalled out together with him not fighting his win over Zarate in May 20-16.

Throughout the meeting, Briggs explained that he’so interested in getting a place in the UK. There’ll be a few interesting struggles for Briggs if he can start fighting back soon.


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