March 5 saw an historic day from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, since the 2 national league champions — women’s unwanted RK Krim Mercator and men’s team RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko — played eachother in a charity game. This had been the first time such a match was played, with men and women represented equally in a fund raising effort organised by the Slovenian division of EUROPA DONNA. 


EUROPA DONNA is just a -wide coalition that represents the interests of all women regarding breast cancer. The non profit organisation outlines 10 aims, including the dissemination of information, promotion of awareness and advocacy of training of healthcare professionals, among others. 47 states within are members of their organisation.


EUROPA DONNA’s campaigns at hand-ball began with all the Slovenian men’therefore champions Celje at 2017, when the team wore pink jerseys for fourteen days in October — known as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in many nations across the globe. Celje donned the pink jerseys for their games during October 2018 as well, which makes the charity match versus Krim in early March the third time that the Slovenian side have supported EUROPA DONNA’s cause in this manner. Krim additionally wore pink jerseys for its March 5 game.


“Social responsibility and health are our lifestyle in Celje Pivovarna Lasko and when potential , we consistently encourage organisations which help make a much better world,” said Celje’s acting director Sasa Lesek during the time of their first campaign in 20 17.


“Europa Donna is one organisation, whom we thank for their job and congratulate them for their twenty decades of work. Awareness, early identification, treatment and rehab, and modernisation of medical equipment are their objectives. We hope as a sports club we might help them, atleast a tiny bit.


Celje and Krim are the record name holders at the Slovenian national league, together with Celje holding 2-2 decorations and Krim having accumulated 2 3. The two squads also play at the . For the game, points for goals were allocated differently from usual, together with three points for each goal by Krim and the normal rules for Celje.


The teams exchanged goalkeepers and after a half time score of 27:17 in preference of Celje, the squads were mixed together. Naturally, the winner of the game was not the most important point of the event — that the attention was to the charity itself and enjoying hand ball.


Photos: RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko


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