St. Petersburg, CSM Bucuresti near Semifinals as Quarter Finals get Penalized

CSM Bucuresti, however, may feel somewhat annoyed with enabled RK Borac m:tel to reduce a nine-goal distance to six goals at the last minutes. While Dynamo-Victor and VSAM Madeira Andebol SAD simply take more skinnier leads into their second legs.

H C Vise B M (BEL) vs HC Neva SPb (R Us ) 26:33 (13:17)

HC Neva SPb are very close to the semi finals after winning clearly 33:26 from Belgium against HC Vise B M.

After having a fairly equal start with a couple of two-goal leads for the traffic, the St. Petersburg side developed a very clear lead before half-time.

The Russian team were leading by five goals a couple times before shooting a 17:13 lead with them to the break.

In the second half, Neva acquired by nine goals at 26:17, and for most of the remaining portion of the game, these were leading by eight goals before finally winning by seven, which should likee form a comfortable lead before the return game from St. Petersburg next Sunday.

Together with eight goals each, Viktor Babkin and Pavel Turaev left their strong contribution to the Russian win.

CSM Bucuresti have a fantastic chance to go to the semifinals too, but their standing might have better if they had banned RK Borac mtel to get dangerously nearer towards to the end with this first leg clash.

The team against were resulting from nine goals, 25:16, briefly before the end of the home match, however, the Bosnian traffic were able to minimize the gap to six goals, 25:19 ahead of the buzzer which could keep coming back to haunt the host-side next week.

CSM dominated through most of the game and got their initial nine-goal lead at 13:4.
They were leading by nine goals at half-time, at which point, the score was 16:7, and so they lasted nine goals up for most of the second, until Borac scored the final 3 goals of this game and increased their hopes, marginally, before the return game next Saturday.

Dynamo-Victor (RUS) vs A.E.K. Athens HC (GRE) 25:21 (13:13)

Last year, A.E.K. Athens forced it on the closing of the contest, and the team from the Greek capital may nevertheless make it that far again

However, they seem to have to step up to a certain extent as a way to make it to the semifinal in 2013 since they might have to catch up with a four-goal shortage against Dynamo-Victor.

Dynamo-Victor reached the quarterfinal of the Challenge Cup in their maiden season in this past year, and the Russian side have a fantastic chance to have a step further this time around after winning 25:21 athome Saturday.

The Russians were leading by two or three goals most of the initial half, before A.E.K. suddenly passed and got up 13:11.

With a 13:13 half-time deadlock however, the home team got back in control after the break and were able to shoot a four-goal win.

Finnish side Dicken made the 4,300km journey from Helsinki to Funchal on the island of Madeira and nearly came back with a first leg win, losing by just 1 goal, despite being down by six at the rest (15:9).

The other hand had found the opening 30 minutes comfortable since they dominated their customers, who shot their first time out in the first ten minutes as coach Bjorn Monnberg looked to re-adjust his team.

Despite the bare, his negative couldn’t come close at the rest, however, the second half saw a much improved performance as Max Granlund ended up with eight goals at total to present his side a true probability of making the past four teams next week.

For the side, they’ll be thinking about how they enable a six-goal lead slip to a, however they know they only draw in the north of the continent to catch that semi-final spot.

TEXT: Peter Bruun/amc


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