Szeged leave it late against Plock

Even a 7:2 run to finish the game helped Szeged over come one of these worst attacking performances this season, documenting an crucial 22:20 win against la Plock from the initial leg of their last-16 match up against the Polish side.

At a game marred by misses and turnovers, Plock headed by up to four goals twice, but eventually did not stop Szeged, that would have the upper hand in the next game .

  • Juan Carlos Pastor won the duel of those Spanish trainers against Plock’s Xavier Sabate
  • Szeged’so ago, Joan Canellas, had his Very Best game of this year, scoring six occasions
  • Plock also lost their house game in the Elimination C/D stage against Bjerringbro-Silkeborg, just to return roaring in the second game to earn this Last 16 berth


Szeged made a little step in their bid to succeed to the quarter finals of the VELUX EHF for the third time in the last five years despite needing early attacking troubles against home side Plock.

With one of the best attacks within the group phase, Szeged did not score in the first seven minutes, and may simply put two goals past Adam Morawski after 13 minutes and it came as no surprise that Plock took it upon themselves to dictate the exact rhythm, establishing a healthier 7:3 guide, on the rear part of a three-save stage from goal keeper Morawski.

But, Szeged’s own mistakes in attack were also on display, with the side turning the ball over four days in the first 14 seconds.

Yet a 5:0 run from Szeged, that amped up their defence and prevented Plock from scoring for 11 minutes, then flipped into the game on its mind which comprised a three-goal salvo from right wing Mario Sostaric that will help the Hungarian unwanted take their first lead of the game, 8:7.

But Plock returned and tied the game at the break, 10:10.

It had been a nip and tuck next half, as neither team may enhance their guide to more than a goal before 46th second, once the Morawski-inspired la jumped to a 18:15 guide, as rightwing Michal Daszek improved his already-flawless game to your five-goal tally.

An ultra-aggressive approach for la, that took their goal keeper to create a7 versus 6 outfield excellence in the past 1-2 minutes of this game backfired, as Szeged used a Richard Bodo-inspired 6:0 run to get back in front, 20:18.

There was nothing Plock could do in order to prevent their next home loss in the season in the an top contest as Szeged controlled the close of the game to earn a 22:20 triumph and also choose a two-goal lead in to the second leg, that may occur next Sunday in Hungary.

TEXT: Adrian Costeiu/amc


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