It has cost £1bn. It has came a lot more than six months . But the sun joined Mauricio Pochettino along with 30,000 fans incoming to’Welcome Spurs Home’.

Fittingly,” J’Neil Bennett, mentioned in Camden, six miles off, scored the first aim. At half-time Pochettino came from his chair, next to chairman Daniel Levy at the directors’ box, to say the occasion made him feel as though yelling and gave a quick speech, sounding just like a man that will be here next season too.

There were several slight teething problems. Not all the 1,800 high definition televisions functioned, for instance. This is nothing to stress over. Tottenham are back.

There was a 3-1 win for its Under-18s over Southampton on Sunday. will see to get a legends match next Saturday. Then Pochettino will be in the Dug out since Spurs take on in the on 3 April and at the Champions League six days afterwards.

“It is unbelievable,” he said, studying the scene. “I’ve exactly the same feeling because the previous day at White Hart Lanewhen we were yelling. The first day listed here may be the same emotion. Our dream has become a reality .”

He thanked the fans for their patience.

In truth, he’s wanted either during a tortuous process that Tottenham were not expecting last summer once they believed are the first visitors in September.

Pochettino is convinced Spurs will hit the ground running.

“This is one of the very finest stadiums in the whole world and that I hope, and wishthe near future with this club will be fantastic,” he explained.

Tottenham Hotspur stadium

When the scene’s 115 turnstiles were placed to work for its first time at 13:00 GMT, you will find countless in the aisles, excited to receive their tickets scanned, even wanting to get their first glimpse of their new house.

The process was not just a quick one, however that they had been warned of the.

With evaluation events, the hint is in the name. Everything needs to be done entirely to make certain it works, so only handfuls of fans were permitted through atone go to scale the steps on the surface the scene for to the concourses and also their chairs indoors.

The excited will have discounted the kiosks along with the toilet facilities and led straight into the scene .

Yet unlike that scene, that one is completely covered. And unlike this one, under the grass pitch this really is an artificial surface that will be used for games. The process, that includes the grass pitch being lifted and kept at a’garage’ to get up to 10 weeks, is a feat of engineering. The surface may slide out at three sections simultaneously in only 25 minutes.

Even the South Stand, that holds 17,500 chairs, is significantly greater than 34 metres high. That is around a third of the size of Big Ben and about exactly the same because the BBC’s Broadcasting House construction in central London.

A Tottenham team member climbed to the surface. “If you have to find out,” he gasped,”it had been 223 steps. I was knackered.” If he had risen and down 4 times it are the same of scaling to the top of this Empire State Building in New York.

At the concourses, you will find 65 food and beverage outlets, although, be warnedthat the arena is cash-less and, now, the one that I went to’d run out of pies one hour before kick off.

Plastic straws have been removed, and recycling bins introduced. On the walls you will find heritage plaques, including one of the middle ring in White Hart Lane, and graphics of the club’s heroes.

Tottenham Hotspur stadium

For people that are able to pay for it, you will find 8,000 premium chairs. The scene has its own micro brewery that produces beer.

Underlining the point to which Tottenham desire to adopt an inclusive fan base, you will find 265 wheelchair bays, are as for assistance dogs and three shifting places for supporters who have”advanced care requirements”.

For thinking of this, and doing something about it, Tottenham should be applauded.

There is wi fi although, much like every different similar-sized arena, trying to get a signal when it’s full will probably be quite a straightforward task.

And, like with the groundsman who’d really like players not to be on his own pristine pitch, the sight of some fan accidently tipping his beer on to a ground underlined the reality that nothing stays new for long once folks have been introduced.

That is for your future, though.

Today, the sun shone, the arena opened along with 17-year-old J’Neil Bennett has a memory that will endure forever.

Spurs are dwelling.

Tottenham Hotspur stadium
Tottenham Hotspur stadium
Tottenham Hotspur stadium
Tottenham Hotspur stadium


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