“Rob is 29 yrs of age. He is still a very child. It would not surprise me if he has a change of heart, even if he feels great and he decides he wants to play football,” Drew Rosenhaus said Get Up!

“But this really is only me talking. That is not Rob. And I actually don’t desire to create any unnecessary expectations. Rob is really a really unique personality. If the team was struggling or they wanted him at any time next year, and let’s just say hypothetically Tom Brady gave him a call and said’Rob, I need you,’ I wouldn’t be shocked if he returned to play a few matches “

Rosenhaus stated he brought up the possibility if both spoke on Sunday.

is retired and it’s unlikely he will ever play football ,” Rosenhaus said. “HoweverI did close my conversation with Rob yesterday when he phoned to tell me he was going to retire,” and I said,’Rob, just bear in mind that if you ever have a change of heart, then you may return and play. I am sure will welcome you with open arms. When it’s sometime during the entire year. When it’s late in the year. If you feel good and would like to return and play, we will create it happen.’

“That is all. It had been a suggestion. I really couldn’t go without leaving that at Rob’s ear. Witten [is] another Hall of Fame tight end; he took off the year and chose to return.”

Asked what Gronkowski’s reaction was to the probability, Rosenhaus said:”He really was laughing about it. He told me he has done with football at this point and he’s ready to proceed with his life, and also football is actually something before. But young men, and they could change his or her mind. You don’t know.”

In terms of that which Gronkowski plans to accomplish now, Rosenhaus said,”Nothing. A good deal of fun. A lot of rest. Great times. Comfort. Partying. Being . Being Gronk. Finally we could see him doing TV, acting, a lot of things. Appearances. Endorsements. He is one of the primary characters. He’ll not evaporate. He is going to get a great time for a while, but he’ll be in the limelight in the close foreseeable future, I think”


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