After becoming divided up by Thompson to the opening two minutes of the competition, Pettis floored “Wonderboy” with a thunderous superman punch late at round two at a fight that functioned as his welterweight introduction. The triumph rocketed Pettis in to instant contendership in the 170-pound branch, and White couldn’t help however pile praise upon the prior lightweight champion for attaining a feat that nobody else at welterweight has been in a position to accomplish.

“Pettis was a +385 underdog, huge underdog. I loved his gameplan from the beginning,” White said Saturday night to the + post-fight series. “I’m assuming — that I don’t understand this — (trainer ) Duke Roufus studied ‘Wonderboy’ and the manner that he jumps together along with his karate movement, it’s hard to block leg kicks, so he began breaking up the legs first, both arms, to the outside, on the inside, to attempt to slow him down so he can punch with him.

“Think about it,” White lasted, “, that had been 155 and proceeded as much as 170, surely could accomplish what (Tyron) Woodley couldn’t perform twice. I am talking about that’s pretty astonishing. And I’m not ragging about Tyron, which is going to be something that comes out of the, however what Pettis did tonight is unbelievable contrary to a more impressive [competition ]. Consider the size difference with one of these two tonight. ”

Pettis’ operation delivered shockwaves through the duration of the welterweight landscape on Saturday night. Former foe Rafael dos Anjos tweeted He would welcome a rematch against Pettis once the ian struggles Kevin Lee at Rochester. The triumph also captured the attention of super-star Conor McGregor, who apparently tweeted a challenge to Pettis at the wake of the competition.

So with options aplenty, what does White want alongside Pettis?

“shout, I enjoy any match up for him later what he did tonight,” White stated. “Quite notable. A very impressive game-plan. He came in, he executed. ‘Wonderboy’ was busting up him at the very first round, the 2nd round. He also kept his composure, stuck to [what] I’m assuming was that the gameplan — I don’t know that — but he looked damn good tonight. ”


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