The French car manufacturer has put sights on closing down the gap to the leading few teams this season, however it suffered some loopholes in Melbourne since it believed it never showed off the complete possibility of its vehicle.

Even though finished seventh, was made to retire amid reliability concerns set off by an episode at the start which broke his front wing.

Abiteboul is apparent the expected more from , which explains the reason why he’s hoping that car updates and a smoother weekend will allow his team to do better in Bahrain this weekend.

“We feel our car is effective at fighting the top end of this midfield. But, which wasn’t consistently displayed as it actually depended in qualifying and throughout the race.

“We are determined to reveal more in Bahrain. We have to reevaluate the step we’ve left on the other hand, and the 2nd grand-prix of 20-19 has been an opportunity to show that. We will bring some aero updates, as we will do at every race.

“We also will need to focus on consistency during the period of the entire weekend, delivering a balanced and dependable car in all sessions to allow the drivers to extract different maximum performance.

“Equally, we need to target operational excellence in every area.

“Having both cars in these things is the aim and you want to show the qualities of our team. All of us have to be hard on ourselves if we’re to continue on our trail .”

Technical manager explained that the updates into this team’s car could be linked to heat, in addition to mechanical and aero developments.

He has beliefs, but that there’s more pace to be unleashed from the car than has been on display at .

“We failed to qualify at which the cars deserved to be regarding pace and which has been right down to implementation in some areas and a reliability problem that’s currently understood,” he explained.

“It shows that the is so close and any small mistake or dip in performance means you are going to lose positions on the grid. Regrettably, we experienced quite directly.

“The reality is, the low down the grid you are eligible, the more likely the risks of damaging the car will be. Elsewhere all through the weekend, we analyzed some new parts, played around with various installations and learnt that a significant volume.

“It is quite clear, though, we have some work to do to maneuver away from the midfield, which is where you want to be.”


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