From 8 to 14 April 2019, 12 teams from North America and the Caribbean (NAC) will take to the court at the first Adult Men ’s NAC Emerging Nations Championship — today, the draw to the event was held at the IHF Hq at Basle, Switzerland.


According to this draw procedure, both the teams in pot 3 were drawn to groups A to D row first, followed closely by the teams in marijuana two, which were drawn to groups A to D at row two. Afterwards, the Dominican Republic, as organisers, had the prerogative to assign themselves a set of these choice in row before the rest teams in pot 1 were drawn to the classes at row 1 ).


The hand ball Federation of the Dominican Republic assigned themselves category C, so they’ll compete against Haiti and St. Kitts and Nevis at the group phase.  


The result of the attraction is as follows:


Canada (CAN), Puerto Rico (PUR), Dominica (DMA)



Mexico (MEX), Martinique (MTQ), Trinidad and Tobago (TTO)



Group D:

USA, Cuba (CUB), Barbados (BAR)


Following the group phase, which ends on 10 April, the teams ranked second and first in each group play with the quarter finals, as the third-ranked teams play at the placement group 9 12. After a rest day, the semifinals will be played on 13 April and the bronze medal game and the gold medal game happens on 14 April.


Match schedule

All times nearby


8 April

14:00     DMA Compared to CAN

16:00     TTO Compared to MEX

18:00     BAR Compared to USA

20:00     SKN Compared to DOM


14:00     PUR Compared to D-MA

16:00     MTQ Compared to TTO

18:00     HAI Compared to SKN

20:00     CUB vs BAR


10 April

14:00     MEX Compared to MTQ

16:00     CAN vs PUR

18:00     USA vs CUB

20:00     DOM Compared to HAI


1-1 April

10:00     PL 9 12: 3A Compared to 3C

12:00     PL 9 12: 3B Compared to 3 D


1-3 April

10:00     PL 9 12: 3D vs 3A

12:00     PL 9 12: 3C Compared to 3B

14:00     PL 5-8: Loser QF1 vs Loser QF2

16:00     PL 5-8: Loser QF3 vs Loser QF4

18:00     SF1: Winner QF1 Compared to Winner QF2

20:00     SF2: Winner QF3 Compared to Winner QF4


10:00     PL 9 12: 3A Compared to 3B

12:00     PL 9 12: 3C Compared to 3 D

14:00     PL 7-8: Loser PR1 vs Loser PR2

16:00     PL 5 6: Winner PR1 Compared to Winner PR2

18:00     Bronze: Loser SF 1 vs Loser SF2

20:00     Gold: Winner SF 1 vs Winner SF2


Hosts DOM will play with the QF and SF at 20:00, if qualified. Further, your competitors Management gets the right to improve the throw-off situations.



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