The Italian team ended fourth and fifth from the Australian Grand Prix with topped the days at preseason testing and been considered the preferred heading into Melbourne.

Its drivers and both complained they did have the identical grip and confidence in which they enjoyed during testing at Spain.

Previewing the upcoming Bahrain weekend, also team boss said it was very important to hit back from the 2nd circular of a”long and rough season”.

“The Sakhir circuit has quite different characteristics into the n one, with traction and braking being key factors,” explained Binotto.

“In Bahrain, we expect to find that the effect of the corrections we have made, but we are well aware that our competitors may once again be very good.

“With that in mind, we are excited to get right back on the right course and face them up .”

was astonished with its battles from the n GP and Binotto confessed after the race that it had to make it an “exception” over the entire year.

Vettel has won the previous two Bahrain GPs, presenting with the perfect chance to prove its race-one battles were specific to .

However, Vettel reported the challenges of the desert night race could not be underestimated.

“it’s tricky to get the ideal rhythm at the desert, chiefly because of the sand which the wind blows onto the track,” he explained.

“Therefore every lap differs, which is a decisive factor, especially in qualifying.

“Should you go just a few inches away from the perfect line, you start to slide and you’re able to throw your lap at the bin, since you just can’t make up the full time you lose at this point.

“Therefore, the rate of mistakes is significantly higher than other frequencies .”


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