He’d played 37 minutes from Houston’s third game in four nights at three cities. However, the task night was not over to the ’s reigning MVP.

Harden walked directly through the Rockets’ home lockerroom to the living room found in the back immediately after tying the franchise record for points in a game, which he place two months prior. Harden increased weights under the supervision of Rockets strength and conditioning coach Javair Gillett, posting a couple clips from the session Instagram, providing the world a glimpse part of their strategy to maintain himself strong during a ideally long playoff run after having a heavy load in 2013.



James Harden strikes the gymnasium for some work after dropping 6 1 points in a win against the Spurs.

“This year, I have been doing much more weightlifting, merely to make sure my legs and my body will last,” Harden told ’s Rachel Nichols throughout an interview within the allstar break. “after all, I have always lifted. This year, I am putting more focus about it, simply’cause I am 10 years old in, therefore I have to create sure my body is strong enough to last.

“That is one of reasons why when people ask,’Is he will be sleepy? Is he will be emptied?’ I do not think about it. I only continue to do the job “

The Rockets believe Harden’s reputation for fading deep from the playoffs is overblown –“just a little bit of a bad, unjust rap about James,” player enhancement coach John Lucas said. However, the Rockets have put a lot of consideration into how to help him be at his best by May and June.

Viewed skeptically, the numbers imply that chances are piled Harden. The Rockets readily admit he ran out of petrol a handful of postseasons past, when Houston’s season ended with a horrible Harden performance in a game title 6 blowout loss to the Kawhi Leonard-less Spurs from the 20 17 Western Conference semifinals. That 10-point, 2-of-11 night sticks from the mind of Harden’s critics. So does a 14-point,” 2-of-11, 12-turnover dud when the Rockets were eliminated by the Golden State Warriors at Game 5 of the 2015 West finals.

The doubters also remember that no player who is relied on so heavily throughout the regular season has enjoyed any form of playoff success. Harden’s 39.6 percent usage rate in 2013 is the second highest in history, behind only Russell Westbrook‘s 40.0 mark throughout his 201617 MVP effort. Not one of the players who’ve the seven previous highest usage-rate seasons in history made out of the very first round.


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