The IHF have Now Signed up a Memorandum of Understanding Wadi El-Neel Hospital in Cairo, a Formally recognised international athletic heart Center working in Cooperation with John Moores University in the United Kingdom. The hospital aims to become a centre of excellence for its IHF, with all the aims of cultivating collaborative relationships with individuals, organisations and institutions to successfully support the assignment of sports-science and also improve athletes’ health; conducting research and development; and educating and training the future generation of clinical specialists.


“We will soon be focused on develop the short- and also the long term health of the hand ball players, with special focus on sudden cardiac death prevention one of athletes, optimising operation through proper implantation of both pre-competition comprehensive multidisciplinary medical assessment, CPR practice of team physicians and coaches, and collecting all the essential data for scientific research,and rdquo; says the Memorandum.


Aiming to provide the highest-quality health care in the Middle East


The facility offers a multidisciplinary approach to athlete direction which includes screening and tests that help maximise performance, reduce risk of injury and determine suitable workloads for each individual.


More widely, the hospital focuses on recruiting foreign pros from all specialities to provide diagnostic, diagnostic and surgical services, as well as providing superior healthcare services employing the latest technologies in therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.



The hospital was set in 1993 as an outpatients’ practice, before beginning to provide inpatient opening and services wards in 1995. Additionally, there are nine operating rooms, radiology imaging, labs, a mortgage lender and also a women’s health centre.


In addition, the hospital is home to a comprehensive check up unit, including special programs for diabetes, hypertension and cardiac patients — basic medical analyses advocated by the an Association of Physicians.


The Memorandum of Understanding with all the IHF was signed on January 2, 2019.



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