The Gen-7 theory , planned for use from the 2021 Dragon Energy Series, is directed toward dramatically reducing costs in the technical standpoint with cars which are more relevant to manufacturers.

It is likee part of a wider-reaching plan to evaluate potential adjustments to the race and schedule formats which could bring extra interest levels to participating manufacturers, buffs and TV broadcasters alike.

“Time may tell. It’therefore not a fast process. It’SA big commitment for folks. We’re pleased with how discussions have gone, but no news to report. ”

“Everyone collectively understands we’ve some challenges that people need to manage and we have to come together as a business to progress our game,” he explained. “We’ve three manufacturers competing in , whenever we’d want to have six. 

“certainly one reason we love sportscar racing is really because I’ve lost count of the number of manufacturers IMSA has right now. We like this. We compete in the showrooms, also on the Race Track. ”

When asked how recent meetings had improved, and whether the current OEMs were aligned in their views of what Gen-7 should look like,” Wilson responded: “We are now, relatively closely aligned and that’so because we compete to get a great deal of the same reasons.

“Finally what’s most important to us could be that the effectiveness of the game and its own growth. We realise that, as a business, not simply as OEMs but all the different stakeholders in , if they’re team owners or track officers or TV partners, the only means which we may accomplish this goal is when we collaborate. 

“That is likely to soon be a few compromises. We obtained ’t even get whatever we would like, but we have to step back sometimes. 

“Once the green flag falls on Sunday, our goal is to rip each other’s throats out! But Monday through Friday we can sit together and focus with solutions that we believe can make our game better.

“The success of the styling of the Gen 6 car is actually a function of manufacturers along with collaborating. We now have that experience and we all now need to keep leveraging it to keep working for future years. ”


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