For the first time in his career, former welterweight title challenger Stephen Thompson was phased out cold.

The guy to take action former light weight champ Anthony Pettis.

During their garbage, which headlined UFC Nashville this past Saturday, Thompson’s noticeable size advantage over Pettis played a gigantic role in the launching frame as he picked apart his bigger competition. However, with 5 minutes left in the next frame, Pettis uncorked a hellacious super man punch square to the jaw of Thompson, sending him crashing head first into the picture.

Since his competitor screamed in success, Thompson slowly regained consciousness as doctor’therefore rushed to his side. Cameras would later show him congratulating Pettis before taking pictures with fans because he exited the Octagon. Too bad, Thompson does not have any recollection of the

“I recall the very first round nicely and I don’t even remember the 2nd round nicely,” Thompson told Luke Thomas within an appearance on . “But, from the returning to the corner and having his blood all over my chest. ’ Then, it’therefore kind of blank. I literally return to in the straight back. I see Chris WeidmanI see that my mom, I see my brother and I don’t remember being out in the crate or walking straight back or taking pictures with every one. ”

Right up until the finishing blowoff, Thompson was cruising towards a success. Out-striking his opponent in either rounds, “wonder boy ” also recalls the exact moment he saw success later on.

But to Thompson, which was his downfall.

“The game plan was to really pump off the jab and get him back up a bit and then look for the knock out from there. He’d maintain up his hands quite substantial, which left that quite difficult. And so I started going to the body as well with my body kick to attempt and make him to lose the hands a bit. From the following rounds, I guessed the those human body shots would wear his body down and he’d dropped his palms and also the knock out would have been just a little easier. However, we never left it to that point. ”

For fans, the sight of Thompson’s unconscious human body sprawled on the mat should’ve come as a shock, especially at the hands of an former 155-pound fighter who’s even dabbled at 145 pounds. After all, Thompson not just survived the onslaught from former 170-pound winner tyronwoodley but came back stronger in the next round during their name fight at UFC 205.

“I know I’ve ever been struck harder than that, I know Tyron has struck me harder this,”” Thompson stated. The only thing I can think of is that it merely being directly to the capital. I threw a side kick that sort of glanced off him and put me in a lousy position where my foot was trailing to the surface himwhich put me closer to him. I know his back had been to the cage, so all he had to accomplish was lunge forwards and, of course, once you’re throwing your punch along with your body supporting itmakes it much stronger and the previous three or even four inches is the point where the power comes out. Thus, throwing that directly down the pipe, then that’s exactly what achieved it.

“It took a while to figure out it and return and watch it. It didn’t even look like it had been much. Notably after Tyron put me down and didn’t even put me off. ’ But, you understand it doesn’t even need to take a gorilla of a pinch to put you away. You put it directly immediately and ’s it all takes. ”

However, while he declared his brain was “fine” from the blowoff, Thompson is no rush to come back to the Octagon, even if this means losing out to a spot on the Greenville card he’s been calling for.

“I know that there ’SA fight in my own hometown in three weeks. So, we’re definitely going to see just how we believe in two weeks. I’m not likely to push it at all, specially after a knock like this. I don’t even desire to jump back too so on. So, I don’t even know. ”


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