PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic suffered compound fractures to the tibia and fibula of his lower left leg at a double-overtime win contrary to the Brooklyn Nets about Monday night and you will be out forever.

Nurkic was bound to get a rebound and came down awkwardly in a number of bodies under the basket. After hitting the floor, the Nets players saw the severity of the accident and sprinted away.

The arena quickly went into a hush as Blazers medical personnel rushed to Nurkic.

“I think he tried to trick it in, he popped the glass and that I watched him hit the floor and roll out real quick, and that I thought maybe he got hit in the face or something . As I was walking over there, I saw everybody else turnaround real quick and walk out, then I looked and watched his leg — and also you just hate to see happen to him.”

Lillard stated it reminds him of Paul George‘s trauma during the Team USA exhibit in Las Vegas at 2014, a game Lillard also was playing .

“That is what it looked like if you ask me personally,” Lillard said.

Additionally, it predicted back memories of Gordon Hayward‘s gruesome ankle injury that happened opening nights this 201718 season.

Blazers coach Terry Stotts said Nurkic had been taken to your local hospital and did not have much else to include.

Stotts clarified the Blazers’ locker room as”quiet,” and forwards Zach Collins said it had been”nearly like we lost.” Enes Kanter said the team held a moment of silence for Nurkic after this game.



Enes Kanter details the emotions in Portland’s locker room later Jusuf Nurkic went down with a serious left leg accident.

“Nobody could say anything,” Kanter said.

It’s really a crushing blow to the Blazers, who have been surging recently even though a knee injury to CJ McCollum who has sidelined him the last couple weeks. They proceeded on to be at the Nets in double overtime 148-144, which clinched a playoff berth for the Blazers, their sixth successive appearance.

Nurkic’s injury happened with 2 minutes, 22 seconds left in the second overtime and the Blazers leading by 2 points. They went on to shut the Nets, with a significant 3 pointer by Hood plus some clutch free throws by Seth Curry sealing the win.

“Honestly, I believe that it’s natural for us, after something like that, ” you state,’okay, we’re going to finish the job and get it done,'” Lillard said of playing on after the accident. “Because Firstly, he wouldn’t need us to say,’Let’s have a pity party for ourselves and feel sorry for Nurk and not care as much.’

“So, we’re going to finish the task, make an effort to find the game. But I think following the game, that is when it rips in. I really don’t know what to say.”

Underneath Nurkic, the Blazers have Kanter, who had been signed after being apprehended by the New York Knicks, and Collins.

“We are going down a vital stretch in the season, trying to obviously procure our playoff location, locate our position and after that have a postseason, so seeing something like that happen to him… You never want to find that for your friend or teammate, and then especially as a player, that you don’t want to see anybody have to experience that.

“Plus it is going to be hard on we. CJ’s out, now him having a difficult injury, so every way you view it, it was a blow off. It felt like it following the game.”

Earlier this season, the Nets experienced a similar position with protect Caris LeVert leaving the court at a seat with towels over his leg at that which had been anticipated to be a severe leg injury. (LeVert returned this season after being identified as having a dislocation within his foot.)

The entire Nets team came up to Nurkic to h him well as he exited the floor to the stretcher.

“That is what our guys are talking about in the locker room right now,” Nets coach Kenny Atkinson said of Nurkic’s injury. “They are not talking about the game or losing. They are talking about a player was using a great game and a heck of a player, and you just pray it’s not a long term thing and he will bounce back. It only takes the wind out of yourself; it’s just not the same. We are through it, so it’s tough — tough for the crowd, tough for all of us.”


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