PHOENIX — As waxed eloquent about all things Cleveland Browns Tuesday dawn, the proposition has been put to him which the blend of Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. Could be dynamite. “And that I trust we blow off a good deal of things “

The quip was true . The new Browns coach is fast to generate a self-deprecating comment — he deadpanned more than once he is”scared to death” of their Browns playing in primetime — however he shares the same attitude as his quarter back , that he is in it to win it.

“I really don’t obey expectations,” Kitchens said. “I need them”

Kitchens’ immediate goal is to get Beckham into Cleveland also to get to know him following his purchase against the Giants on March 1-2. Though general director said he expected Beckham to the start of the offseason program on April 1, Kitchens said Beckham is going to do whatever they can to be there – leaving out the chance he may not arrive on day one.

“His life has been turned upside down (with the commerce ),” Kitchens said. “Up until two weeks past he thought his reporting date has been mid-April.”

Beckham’s acquisition put hype and offseason buzz on full boil on the Browns. Kitchens is well aware that the Browns are being discussed as a rival for the AFC North – and even have been at the Super Bowl discussion.

“They are the most talented team in the branch; there isn’t any question about this right now,” said Ravens coach , that took a few questions regarding the Browns in a session about the Ravens. “We will see what this means. I know this: that’s right now. The best team in the branch is your team that’s going to get the branch. Thus, we’ll see what the best team would be.”

Kitchens said the expectations usually do not bring pressure. He calls anxiety”waking up without a project, with a baby at home to feedyour spouse left you and you have no money into your pocket”

“That is reallife anxiety,” he said. “The pressure on us is only win or lose. Let’s simply go perform the way we can and see what goes on.”

In addition, he knows that he will be working with different strong characters on this young team – strong characters with a little bit of celebrity. He accomplishes it, saying the secret together with Beckham and each player is earning trust. To this end, he will allow the players be .

Ego is nice, he stated, as long as the ego is folded into the team.

“It has never been tougher, in history, for those guys to play, play and succeed because they are constantly being siphoned in whatever that they do,” Kitchens said. “And at the ,” we would like to offer them a safe distance, per se, of only doing their own work, doing their own job, getting to know their own team mates, which is gont build their own faith and character of their team. And that’s all we’re going to do”

’s Jamison Hensley led to the record.


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