Former two-time heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez could be the latest of the apparently endless list of major MMA celebrities doing wrestling.

Velasquez appeared Tuesday afternoon at a media conference in Mexico City where it was announced he’d create his pro wrestling debut “TripleMania,” that is the premiere event of the season for its AAA promotion.

The show will occur on Aug. 3 at Arena Ciudad at Mexico City.

No more particular game was announced for Velasquez, however, teases were done for three distinct celebrities of the promotion, meaning it may be a singles game with one of them or even a multiple-person match.

Velasquez, a lifelong pro wrestling fan, noticed that his favorites were El Santo, Mexico’s biggest wrestling superstar, along with also his son, El Hijo del Santo. He had a several day training camp last year using at Orlando, Fla. last year.

At the media conference, Velasquez said that he had two or even three more fights left his contract.

There were teases with the several weeks ago when Velasquez made a comment regarding Lucha Libre (Mexican pro-wrestling ) not being real, that generated two of AAA’s best known celebrities, masked wrestlers La Parka (who’s maybe perhaps not the La Parka who was a celebrity with World Championship Wrestling in the U.S. 20 years ago) and the company’s many popular wrestler, Psycho Clown, issuing challenges at the time. Most figured at that Velasquez didn’t even realize that what he said was considered an insult in Mexico into wrestlers, ostensibly an honest mistake. The notion was the wrestlers were just responding to networking questions since they believed that they should, as against it being a tease for an eventual plot and significant game.

Reports did turn in recent weeks which Velasquez was taking a look at doing pro wrestling imminently.

Velasquez was there for the beginning of press conference, imagining he’s adored Lucha Libre since youth. Dorian Roldan, that runs AAA and it is an executive with all the U.S.-based Lucha Underground promotion, noted that Velasquez would be at TripleMania, and they failed a contract signing up which Roldan called a three way deal with AAA, Velasquez and TV Azteca, one of Mexico’s biggest tv networks. It was subsequently announced TripleMania would broadcast live on television Azteca.

Throughout the media conference, Velasquez was asked if he still thinks Lucha Libre was bogus, and he stated that the strikes had been real, which the was bogus, however Lucha Libre was much more demanding and much more real.

Psycho Clown, whose dad is the legendary Super Porky, came out and said that he honored what Velasquez has done in MMA, however, believed he had disrespected Lucha Libre. Pentagon Jr., among the biggest stars at the U.S. independent spectacle along with also new American startup All Elite Wrestling, was out and he was open into a singles game, a tag game or any sort of game with Velasquez.

Velasquez did face-offs with three until the press conference stopped.


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