Since the fourth round of this year, the Tour de Corse presents a second pro challenge for teams, and an itinerary that has many varies from 2018.

Significantly more than three quarters of this event’s period distance is new or returns after a number of years . Just two evaluations are kept from last season, however these will run in shorter form.

Porto-Vecchio, which hosted the final in 2016 and 2017, will provide the background to this ceremonial start on Thursday afternoon, and Friday’s competitive activity remains in the south of this island with a streak of three phases, totaled 60.91kilometers.

These stages are tackled two with no service, except a tyre fitting zone to get fresh rubber at the midpoint. The loop comprises the new Bavella evaluation (17.60kilometers ), a modified 25.94km version of Valinco – 15.66kilometers shorter than the last time it was tackled in 2015 – and a new stage named Alta-Rocca (17.37kilometers ).

On Saturday, the activity moves to more comfortable territory in the north to get another continuing loop of several stages, that time split by means of a service fracture in Bastia airport.

Completing the loop is your new Castagniccia evaluation – the maximum of the rally in 47.18kilometers.

Saturday (30 March) – WRC+ Livestream in 0700hrs — 1845hrs neighborhood rally period (UTC+2)

Two stages include Sunday’s schedule, with Eaux p Zilia (31.85kilometers ) beyond the 19.34kilometers Calvi Wolf Power Stage which ends just outside the middle of Calvi. The podium ceremony will happen in the town.

Sunday (31 March) – WRC+ Livestream in 0900hrs — 1345hrs neighborhood rally period (UTC+2 ) *Daylight saving time in Sunday*

As a whole, the itinerary features 347.51 competitive kilometres, run over 14 specific phases.

Head to WRC+ to watch All Live out of Corsica linea – Tour de Corse, for example every stage air live, breaking service park news and professional studio evaluation.


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