Miami Dolphins trainer Brian Flores doesn’t even like to hear the word”tank” So as soon as the question was brought up concerning the frequent connection between the 20-19 Dolphins and tankingthat he was strong he wouldn’t mean it.

“The word tanking, I think that it’s disrespectful to this game,” Flores said, while speaking to colleagues at the owners meeting Tuesday morning. “I really do. I really don’t like that word. I really don’t like when folks make use of it. This game has been doing a great deal for me, personally. It’s truly the one thing which leveled the playing field so to disrespect the game use that word, it stirs something up inside of me, to set that nicely.”

There has been many reports within the last few months which the Dolphins were intending to tank, or even lose as many games as you can in 20-19, so as to get a top choice in the 2020 draft and also select their future franchise quarterback.

The 2020 QB class, that includes a lot of hype and promise, could be caused by Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa. #TankforTua started to create excellence like a social networking rally cry for fans of this Dolphins tanking.

But ’s top metal has double downed on multiple occasions that the team is not overburdened in 20-19.

“There is no tanking. You can write that over and over over and over again,” Flores said.

Dolphins general director Chris Grier expressed that opinion at the combine, also on Monday stated that the team will be building the ideal way, not tanking.

“It’s hard when you state you would like tough, competitive guys who adore basketball and you also bring them and say,’Hey, let’s not do this year. Let’s simply relax and enjoy this year and we are going to come back next year and be tough and competitive.'”

has prevented producing significant freeagent signings plus so they let a few veteran starters leave free agency. They’ve aggressively sought the trade market to acquire 2020 draft selections, shed salary cap distance in 2020, appreciated compensatory selections in 2020 and talked a lot about long-term vision.

The lively between re building and tanking seems to be the discrepancy here. Flores and Grier state they are attempting to create a sturdy foundation in their new roles, and believes that may be accomplished by you start with a culture which supports losing in Year inch .

Grier pointed to the registering of Ryan Fitzpatrick, a player with a propensity for directing the in passing over a brief span because he did at the first few weeks every year, for example a typical example of a team not tanking.

Flores and Grier state they have been on the exact same page with one another with owner Stephen Ross about how to create this team correctly without tanking.

“My conversations with him’ve already now been about re building the roster. He knows, and everybody understands , that I will head out there and try to win every single game we move out there and playwith,” Flores said.

“Quite honestly, I won’t mean it. That’s where I am at.”

“It’s imperative that you just have one you can win with in this league. If we get to this year’s draft and we believe that it’s him, we’ll be aggressive in trying to get him,” Grier said. “And when we believe it’s not that draft — that we’re still in the process of going through that — maybe there is somebody down the line here which may have potential we enjoy after which we’ll concentrate on 2020.”

“Whether it’s this year or next 12 months. Or maybe we can take one both this year and next year,” Grier said. “But I think in this location, you can not ever be satisfied until you’ve got the guy you truly feel can provide you with an opportunity to win a tournament “

Flores did actually support the idea of creating two quarterbacks, adding:”Whenever you may cause contest at a position, you do it. That’s the best way to get the most out of yourself”

For 20-19, Fitzpatrick is headed to offseason workouts as the Dolphins’ starting QB. Grier said Fitzpatrick knows he has a bridge QB for their eventual franchise guy, and he is prepared to mentor who player whether he is available in 2019 or 2020.

He confessed that the franchise made a mistake in not growing quarterbacks behind Tannehill.

Now, there will be an alternative age in using a new young QB arriving in 2019 or 2020, or even both.


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