For 2019, the maximum temperate that back tyres could be warmed has been lowered by 100-degrees Centigrade into 80-degrees C.

Drivers fought in cold temperatures testing coming out of the pits thanks to this shift, and it was noticeable in the that drivers had of a hassle in the out-laps.

Gasly lost the prospect of a points scoring finish when he was overtaken by Daniil Kvyat to some lap out of their pits as he fought to receive his tyres up to temperature.

Inspired by if Kvyat got him as his tyres have been overly cold, Gasly said:”Yeah, basically I braked and I could feel already in Flip 1 I nearly locked up.

“Then getting into Turn 3 I strove to brake after and I secured a bit the front. I presume warmer pliers helped him [Kvyat] make the move.”

With drivers with any difficulties in , that enjoyed warm temperatures,” Gasly believes things might be specially tricky on warmer days.

“Obviously there’s a consequence, because I could feel venturing out of this box, the initial two-three corners are more snappy.

“I feel it makes it a bit difficult, even though was more sexier. I think in cold states it is not going to become simple.”

was just another driver who recognized that the added challenge that had arrived thanks to this new tyre temperature constraints.

“Yes, even the rears are pretty tricky coming out of the pits,” he said.

Although maybe perhaps not all of drivers were convinced it had made that much of an impact. Le Hamilton said that his hadn’t felt too bad as it came out of the pits.

“The out-lap was not a issue,” he said. “The tyres generally operate very well in that region. Probably the blanket temperatures we used to possess from the past were too high any way.”


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